I'm just holding on for tonight.

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Spent the whole of last night (and early morning) working on Studio Hanawa's bulk order for a company's D&D event. This is probably the second time I stayed up all night just to come up with over 30 floral headpieces (the first being whimsical fox's first event at the beer market back in 2011) because of the deadline and the experience is just... Well, exhausting.
Maybe exhausting is an understatement. I was already battling dark circles under my eyes from having a screwed up body clock. Ever since school started, there was never a day that I slept earlier than 4AM because I spent the last entire month of my holidays sleeping at 6AM -___- Even on days when classes start at 9, I sleep at like 5AM and have 2 hours of shut eye before preparing for school. Way to kill yourself Mirabelle.

So last night was really torture because I was fighting sleepiness from a long day at school and the gym, swollen eyes, and a bad flu. And probing yourself with wires is not such a pleasant feeling when you're in that state.

I barely even woke up this morning to pack the orders. My sister had to keep yelling at me to wake up for a good 30 mins before I finally rolled myself out of comfort. But after packing all the orders and giving the stickers which I designed at the 11th hour a second look, I feel really proud. It was definitely a tough time, but seeing my results really made all the blood and tears worth it!!

Of course, I couldn't have pulled this off by myself. My sister helped me through the night and the morning, not catching much of a wink herself and I am so grateful for the extra pair of hands. I would have been behind time if it were not for her, so thank you sissy (I doubt you read this but if you do I'm not gay).

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After delivering the items to the office, I received a message from the customer saying that all of the staff loved the headpieces!! Well of course they would duh it's so pretty?!?! HAHAHAH I'm just kidding. But hearing that was definitely a motivation for myself. Hopefully, their company's D&D event will help Studio Hanawa gain some publicity!!

Meanwhile, I have another order for the bridesmaids in an upcoming wedding!! Ever since establishing Studio Hanawa, I always hoped that we would be able to help/participate more in weddings because they are such whimsical moments which you get to experience probably only once in your entire lifetime. This may be Studio Hanwa's first for weddings, but I hope for more to come our way!!

Which reminds me, I was looking at places to stay at in Bali (for my family's december getaway that I will be planning) when I chanced upon some really fantastic wedding videos on vimeo. Aside from the beautiful gowns, flowers and decorations, the cinematographer is so good!!! Argh omg.
These wedding videos tugged at my heartstrings. I'm not trying to be emotional LOL but the vows to their spouses are really something. And of course, kudos to the cinematographer for the editing and choice of music and everything else.

I should probably start picking up some tips on the deco and florals. It'll be so damn cool if Studio Hanawa is able to provide more than just floral headpieces for weddings in the future. Maybe I should aspire to be a wedding planner?? HAHAHAH nah just kidding. But hopefully, we can expand further by working on corsages, bouquets, and what not. I'm not all that knowledgable in that industry but I guess it's time to start watching more videos!!
But on a more personal note, it'll be dreamlike to be able to photograph and film someone else's wedding. Guess its time to up my camera game and maybe in a few years, one of my friends would get married *eyes those attached*

Okay. This has been a pretty lengthy post full of my nonsense. Guess it's time to start working on some school assignments? I quite like all my group mates so far, and I'm so stoked for feature writing's final magazine assignment!! Well, more on that when I actually get something done.

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