And time keeps catching up no matter the distance I put between.

11:56 PM

Yesterday was the grand opening of the cafe I'm currently working at! I've only clocked in three days so far and it's been quite the breeze.

Also, just on my third day of work, I've already learnt how to brew coffee!! With whatever complicated espresso machines they use. Guess it won't be too long before I start making the drinks and then finally getting my barista cert hehe. 

Plus, working with the other fellow part-timer, Carina (who is the same age as me btw), is such joy!! We clicked almost instantly and the work hours past so much faster when I'm working shifts with her. Honestly, nothing beats having a fellow staff that you can just fool around with half the time. I already lost count of the amount of concoctions we came up with while trying to master the drink recipes. Or the amount of crap we complain and cuss about. So looking forward to the future work hours with her.

And thank you dear friends for coming down. It was really heartwarming to see familiar faces around just on my first official work day. MiaoLin came with one of her friends early afternoon and ordered quite an amount. Trisha came with her boyfriend later and ordered a lot. Brandon and his friend came on later in the night and had their dinner fills there while I was having my break. My sister came by after her school today too. Isn't she such a sweetie.

I guess it always feels good to have friends keep you company during your work days, even if it's just a few hours. Visiting Miao while she was working at tbb and accompanying Trisha to visit her boyfriend's family cafe was fun, so I'm glad that they enjoyed their visits too. :)

On a side note, I'm taking a break for the next two days to go on a date and finish up some of parts of the web designing. I totally have no time for my own domain man. And not to mention I still have to complete the RedCamp countdown posters, which I haven't even started on ):
This is what being torn up feels like. While I want to work and earn a bit of allowance on top of the website project I'm undertaking, I too, want to have a life and go on dates and catch up with my friends. And then yet on top of that, I still have RedCamp duties and the starting up of my own label. Argh too much commitments than I can handle man.
I guess having my friends visit me yesterday was some sort of catching up. A few hours is better than none, and I hope we'll head out again soon! Been missing the CCHY pals especially Kelvin too. Wonder how that AJ mugger has been coping with his life.

Anyway, here's some of the pictures from Sunday's shoot! It was such a scorching afternoon but I couldn't have asked for better company.

 photo IMG_0409_zpsdd7edc14.jpg
 photo IMG_0406_zps9763e8c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0382_zpsad4144fd.jpg
 photo IMG_0342_zps96341ec7.jpg
How do you like my new lip colour?

 photo IMG_0324_zps077f32da.jpg
 photo IMG_0315_zps3625a7ba.jpg
 photo IMG_0378_zpsdd5196f8.jpg
 photo IMG_0434_zps7463920b.jpg
 photo IMG_0430_zps16d1ab3b.jpg

Yes this is what we do behind the scenes. LOL.

Big thanks to Zhiyi for agreeing to be the photographer. Are you excited for my floral headwreaths project launch yet?!? Cause you better be.

I just hope I can get it up before the break ends. I've been counting down to the end of my holidays, and nothing is more dreadful than the decreasing numbers. This semester break is seriously too short.

I hope that in these last 2 weeks, I'll achieve all of the things I set out to do. My to-do list for the break is halfway through. Time to work on the next half.

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