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Park Bench Deli

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
4:53 PM

Recently, I've been on a couple of food ventures with Han since he's been paying his ex-colleagues/friends and his old workplace a visit during his bookouts, so I got to try many food stuffs that he recommended or his friends made. And they are all. So. Good!!!
I always look forward to Han's recommendation cause they never disappoint, and his friends are usually very generous so sometimes we get free stuff!! (working girl is cheapskate sorry HAHA). Perks of having a chef boyfriend I guess, I get a lot of good food :')

So one weekend, Han was telling me about this sandwich place that his friend/senior was working at, and after looking through a couple of reviews and pictures, we decided to patron Park Bench Deli together with Trisha and Zc!

 photo _MG_0231_zpssyebhvh0.jpg
 photo _MG_0237_zpsklhuc0te.jpg

Honestly, I was super drawn to their aesthetic blue doors and rustic, old school decor. Makes for really good pictures!! The only downside was its indoor lighting being too dim, so we settled for the wooden tables and high stools outside where there was natural light.

So for four people, we got quite a lot LOL.

We ordered: Patty Melt ($17), Turkey RBC ($15), The Cubano ($16), Kong Bak Banh Mi ($16), Pork Fries ($12) and Acai Bowl ($8)

Park Bench Deli has way more options on their menu. Heard that their Peanut Butter Jelly one was really good but we were all feeling for something savory so we did not get that.

 photo _MG_0253_zps7n6rc0nm.jpg
 photo _MG_0245_zpst7ou42al.jpg
 photo _MG_0262_zps0tfbybk5.jpg
Always loving my Acai bowl ($8)!!

 photo _MG_0295_zps2gh1gkeh.jpg
Turkey RBC ($15)

 photo _MG_0287_zpsnqrv6l2b.jpg
Kong Bak Banh Mi ($16)

 photo _MG_0266_zpsipkenfkl.jpg
 photo _MG_0258_zpsqafqnubu.jpg
Pork Fries ($12)

Out of everything we ordered, the best was hands down the pork fries. They had pulled pork, tomato salsa, jalapeƱo, sour cream, sriracha and other noteworthy ingredients atop the fries. I think it's a new item on their menu since I haven't seen much of it, but Han's friend recommended the pork fries so we gave it a shot. The serving was generous too!!
Initially thought that $12 was too hefty a price for fried potatoes but this is totally worth it!

Trisha's Kong Bak Banh Mi was nice too, and the guys also enjoyed their beef sandwiches/burgers. Mine was the Turky RBC, which none of us particularly liked because it just tasted too healthy... LOL. Not what you should get if you're looking for something flavourful, but if you want something guilt-free then yeah probably get the Turkey.

 photo _MG_0270_zpsbv04mrzb.jpg
 photo _MG_0299_zps5xfhgnvn.jpg

They also have a peculiar range of beverages that I haven't really seen around. We tried the Mexican cola which was a little spicier than normal coke??

 photo _MG_0283_zpstdyks100.jpg
 photo _MG_0289_zps8diwpny3.jpg

So that was our brunch date two weekends ago!

I can't wait to try more food stuff omg. Han has brought me to try Saveur at Purvis Street (where he used to work) and it was so good?? The angel hair pasta, salmon confit and milk & cookies!! There was also the truffle kaisendon at Five Square that was unlike any chirashi bowl I had lolol.

Give these few places a shot if you're around the area!!

I spent almost my whole weekend editing my Japan travelogue video and I'm. FINALLY. Almost. Done.
The travel video is gonna be up on Saturday night, 3rd December 11pm. It's been a lot of late nights and restless afternoons to complete the whole post production, so I'm really stoked to share it!! I've been having some new ideas and may this video pave my way to the start of seeing my efforts come to fruition.

Till the next update!


Ohvola Launch Soiree 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016
4:08 PM

 photo _MG_0125_zpsn2wnlfqj.jpg
 photo _MG_0063_zps8ysanfqj.jpg
 photo _MG_0027_zpshzbsxqni.jpg
 photo _MG_0049_zps6blczhoe.jpg
 photo _MG_0137_zpsjtilcfq5.jpg
 photo _MG_0026_zps6qfgqi8g.jpg

Two weeks ago, when Ohvola decided to officially announce the launch of their new pop-up store at Orchard Gateway, and the introduction of their new premium label, Keepsakes by Ohvola.

It's been two years (wow I didn't realise it's been this long) since I became part of the team, and this is probably the sixth event that I experienced with them?? So much has changed and I've learnt a lot, picking up several other skills along the way and having a better eye for detail etc.

The launch run was exhausting, albeit fulfilling. I also did an event video this time, which I thought was a huge improvement from the ones I took about a year back?

Of course, I still have aways to go, but it's been a great run with the Ohvola team!!

On a side note,  I hope I can eventually pick up After Effects for my next few travel videos or what not to come. Gotta work on my coloring too...

I've actually been watching a whole lot of creative travel videos and I hope I would be able to create such content someday, not just still visuals on my blog, but moving ones too. I guess I'll start with my Japan video first and foremost.
I'm halfway through the editing (been spending days on this while working... lol) so I'll have the video up next Saturday, 3rd December! Do stick by this space for it!!

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