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Be stubborn about your dreams.

Saturday, September 17, 2016
9:28 PM

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A recent shoot I did with Jolaine for one of her projects, one that we have been looking forward to working on for quite some time!

We lacked quite a bit of materials this time round for the styling part, but I think it all worked out well! Due to budget constraints, I even went as low as to cutting off a palm leaf from a plant on the road. Desperately, with Jo's house keys because we got no scissors lolol. The things I do for our friendship HAHA.

These past two weeks have been kind of busy, both with work and catching up with some pals. Also went on short Genting trip with Trisha over the long weekend during the Hari Raya holidays! Honestly, we shouldn't have cause the outdoor theme park is still under renovation but we only found that out after we paid for our hotel and cancellations were not allowed. But all's good we still had fun and I can't to return with the same group once Century Fox has finished its renovations!!

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It's two more weeks till my next overseas venture. Feeling super stoked for to be in another city, and all the food to try!! I just hope whatever I'm earning the past couple of months will be able to handle all the splurging I'm about to do.


You'd always leave pieces of you in the places you've been.

Monday, September 12, 2016
7:31 PM

(please adjust to HD when watching!!)

After weekends of procrastinating and being overloaded with work and other personal endeavors, we finally managed to complete the editing of our Perth road trip! Big thanks to Zhiyi for taking up the editor role hehe.

Looking at the footages from then makes me miss Perth already... But I guess we did not too bad for our first travel video, and it helps a lot to be traveling with the bros who also happened to be into this whole visual thing. I guess I'll be working on more videos for my future travels too! *hint hint I'll be traveling again sometime in October hehehe*


Anyway, sorry for the long break from this space. I'll blog about the past two weeks soon.

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