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My mouth is dry, with words I cannot verbalise.

Friday, August 26, 2016
12:51 AM

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A couple of photos from a studio shoot I did with Jolaine back in July, for one of my work assignments! I was tasked to style some of the beauty products, and Jolaine helped me out with them right after I returned from my Perth trip (yes the photos are more than a month overdue lol). It's our first styling shoot together and I thought it was kinda fun especially since we were overly hyper while doing it together hahaha. Styling on your own is a pain in the ass when you have to manage both the camera and the products on set at the same time. So I was really thankful for the extra pair of hands. Plus, it's always better to have another mind to help with the creatives, so it's a joy being able to work on a project like this with my gurl :')

Can't wait to start on our next shoot (one of Jolaine's project) the following weekend!! Hopefully, this means more styling shoots to come for us as we continue to build our portfolios.

On a side note, work lately has been fruitful, albeit exhausting. I've been working on BTS/promo videos and a couple of product shoots in the office. Maybe I could post them up here soon? I'll see how it goes.

The Perth video is almost done. Almost. Well, I'm not really the one working on the video... It's mostly Zhiyi editing haha but I'll have it up here over the weekends.

Still can't stomach the fact that August is already coming to an end. The sudden realisation that half of my gap year has already passed... Woah. I have yet to even reach the halfway mark of what I hope to accomplish. And there's just four more months before 2016 concludes itself hmm.


Wipe the dirt off your bruised knees and keep moving.

Thursday, August 18, 2016
10:33 PM

I finally got around to revamping my entire blog layout and its design, after procrastinating for god knows how many weeks now. It's hours of coding, image editing and designing to get this cleaner look. I was getting bored of the previous pinkish one.

So how's the new layout? :)
I also put a little bit (actually more than a bit) effort into my navigational links this time by coming up with the cute minimalist icons, and shortcuts to my travel posts hehe.

Rather than having too much time on my hands to do this for my personal blog, I actually have plans to input these into my portfolio. Hence, why I spent about three to four hours on this. I think the time was pretty well spent anyways, since I've been down with such a bad case of gastric the past couple of days I had to take an MC since yesterday. 2016 seems to be my most sickly year thus far, with my digestive system doing a pretty shit job. Maybe it's time I start relying on vitamins and some pro biotics?? ):

On a side note, the Perth video is almost done!! And I can't wait to blog about one of the projects I've did with Jolaine last month too. I've prolonged that for waaaaay too long with the bombardment of my travel posts.