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These crazy days I will never look back in regret.
Saturday, August 16, 2014 @ 2:30 PM |

Other than news writing which is due on Monday, I am so so relieved everything else is over and done with for good. The feeling of completion is nothing less than triumph and a load taken off my chest. Goodbye to the sleepless nights and insomnia that stemmed from incomplete work.

The past week was probably the worst I've ever treated my body. Not only did I not catch less than 4 hours of sleep everyday, I always had to overwork my mind from working on the assignments at least 10 hours every day (just fyi I didn't procrastinate any work or played around, it's just that overwhelming). And then the lack of sleep just made my complexion shittier than it already is. And the constant midnight-oil burning sessions always induces some junk food in the middle of the night, so I've gained a fair amount of fats. In conclusion, I look and feel like utter crap.

I probably mentally abused myself someway along the way too. In one week, all that was on my mind was assignments so that meant no blogging, no anime, no dota. Just dreamweaver, photoshop, illustrator, word.

So glad that it's all over (almost).

Well, if you've read my rant up until here then give yourself a cookie. I realised I like to complain a lot hahah but this week really deserves a full blog post of venting. 

 photo 520194BE-0465-46D3-AD3D-F0F4E2CB892D_zpskawswgfo.jpg  photo 46227ECC-08E9-48AD-A09D-3841536491A8_zpsslysjbiy.jpg  photo 57435BA1-2A76-4EDA-BD7A-F4059FCDCEBA_zpsjgcwdgun.jpg

Well anyway, my final web presentation was on Friday and I think it went relatively well! Just minutes before presentation, my html codes screwed up big time and I was panicking like crazy. I was the coder of my team so I felt like my entire team's grades was on my hands (no pressure at all) but I'm so thankful for the people I'm working with because they're always so supportive!! Sleepover sessions were exhausting, albeit enjoyable! Really blessed to have good members for Advertising as well. Though this semester proved to be the worst in terms of workload, I think it's been nice with the people I get to work with. :)

Maybe I'll post up some of the graphics I've done for the project soon. Oh and we're contemplating launching our website, Glove Up (which promotes safe sex), for real. But then that takes a lot of effort to maintain and all so we're still deciding.

As taxing as all the assignments can be, I enjoyed myself this semester because it covers a fair bit of what I enjoy doing. Advert is working on photoshop to come up with print ads, Digital media design is just designing our own site (and I love playing with html codes though it nearly murdered me two nights ago) and lastly, news writing. Newswriting came as a surprise to me too but unexpectedly, my lecturer has told me I have what it takes to do it and it seems like every article I ever consulted with her was always a breeze, so it naturally became something I took a liking to.

Well anyway, I think I may be venturing into design or photojourn. Something along those lines.

 photo 41D2991D-4F39-4E21-8C41-189F31670E12_zpsw4j9fipq.jpg  photo E8CFFAFF-3CF6-4E2C-A45F-44B0A54E2BC1_zpsptxwswj2.jpg  photo 54C8745F-00A7-417A-ADEB-95889918D330_zpsshhicmcn.jpg

 photo 4C622381-BEDE-4C0C-92E7-2C59E00A36A6_zpsa8wgbof0.jpg  photo 5F4433BD-C222-4B56-A01D-213A168D0E37_zpsctfup96z.jpg  photo 93E37837-C1B8-4AB2-AB31-99B9A8EE6F93_zpsiemc86xz.jpg

Work aside, after yesterday's presentation, I met up with the CCHY girls after what seemed like forever for retail therapy. I desperately needed that shit. And I did a damage of $130 that day just on Sephora and F21. Honestly I could have burnt a bigger hole but I controlled. 

Later on we met the bbros at night for some Swensens before the girls headed to Ziman's place for some brow treatment HAHAHA. It was damnnnnn gay and I never thought there will be a time where we would spend a girly night just drawing each other's brows but it's so funny. 

That pretty much summarises my entire week! Now that school is almost done with (with the exception of the examinations coming up in a week or so), this space will probably be updated more often!! At least, I have more time to try and make an effort to. 

And I know the stars in the sky will guide us home.
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 @ 5:33 PM |
Just 2 more days (left to complete all of my fucking assignments) but there's so much to do.

And some due photos over the past weeks.

 photo 8A8063DA-6B21-48BB-ABDB-D8366E6D32CE_zpswjs3h4b4.jpg  photo 2071150B-F445-4A28-ACC3-03F491BD8695_zpscexqb7qf.jpg  photo D0A46E83-BB78-40E3-A27A-D854DC8F8023_zpsefydn38q.jpg

1. ootd to steamboat @ miao's place // 2. habitat coffee with brandon (finally) // 3. ootd on a lazy wednesday

 photo A45CF4B5-8373-4523-999F-2D719E2557C7_zps9cppxuqk.jpg  photo F18C8F6D-9236-412A-B881-37E6DBBCFCCE_zpsum0k0dlb.jpg  photo 73203E07-02AB-4C08-BBF9-3B4ABC076A9C_zpsdj1oqtcn.jpg

1. ice cream sandwich on stressful thursdays // 2. ootd to wholesale flea with trisha // 3. cherry berry mix nice cream for post workout

 photo ADA30A2F-76DC-4747-831E-A32A728AB7B3_zpsoq1r8vvd.jpg  photo 1D906EBA-ABC0-4CEF-B3A3-1F45C5438E5E_zpsr5syo6ob.jpg  photo 5ECAA8FA-2C9A-4BBB-A024-4BFEAF5F5174_zpserk8h4ua.jpg

1. ootd last tuesday // 2. it's a wrap for tv production featuring wayang kulit // 3. my giant macaron before catching guardians of the galaxy with brandon <3

 photo EBAC9117-E969-46AD-8044-518C270E174B_zpsvo6ovz04.jpg  photo C610EC48-530E-4BC4-BC53-0EC85915BB63_zpsp1i5hgvg.jpg  photo DDC8EE83-0B9B-4856-BB4C-AC3129985F1F_zpsiuskqerr.jpg

1. lok lok after study sess with my boy at nyp // 2. graphics of the no glove no love online campaign team (basically me and my group mates' web project) // 3. end of our s u p e r n a t u r a l advert presentation

Hell week has never felt this rushed and torturous before. It's always me falling asleep with work on my mind, and then waking up the same. 

I didn't even procrastinate for any of my modules and yet, I already feel like I'm at my wit's end. Just last weekend, I stayed over at a project mates' place to work on our web design assignment. So it was 8 hours of working on graphics from 9PM to 5AM, sleeping for the next 5 hours, and then waking up at 10AM to continuously work on more graphics and HTML codes till 5PM. I'm still suffering from lack of sleep, especially from the two nights before and it doesn't seem like I'm gonna catch enough for the next 2 days. It doesn't help to know that I have one inactive member in every assignment too. "Being stressed" isn't even gonna cut it. I just feel so much pressure I'm collapsing under my own expectations. Plus I'm going to stay over yet again to chiong assignments *stabs self*

It's ironic how even though newswriting and web design are my more well-liked modules, it's giving me the most insane amount of hell and hair-pulling moments. Not to mention I'm the bloody coder/graphic designer for web and designer/editor for news (yes two roles each). I just hope that I'll get the grades I worked so hard for.

But on a brighter note, TV production turned out so good!! The lecturer praised us and said it was the best one yet (heheh is that an AD coming to me) but I guess the team definitely slogged their way through for the grade. Advert was really smooth too!! Enjoy working with my really pun-ny and creative team!! I really loved our campaign idea. Maybe I'll most up the print ads which I did sometime soon heheh idk we shall see.

But anyway, it has been hell cause I haven't had a break for like... the past 5 days already?? By break I don't mean heading outdoors but rather, I'm literally doing work every other hour and I don't even have an hour to spare to watch my anime or play dota or whatever. I'm not even kidding. (if you must, this is a post I drafted while on my hour-long bus ride home LOL)

I just want this damn semester to end already...

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