I've come to realise, home is nowhere but in your arms.

1:23 AM

School has been tough. Really tough.

The sudden wave of assignments should be painful enough, but I still have other commitments to work on and that is starting to take a toll. Or maybe I'm just overthinking things, like I always do. But the pressure is real, and my worrying over standards it's so unbecoming.

On top of that, I still have to deal with this misery which stems from I don't know what. It's getting difficult to breathe and I can't find my way out. Argh just get yourself together Mirabelle you little piece of shit.

I never wanted this post to be this negative, but my thoughts have been far too overwhelming lately. I needed to pen something down. But now that I've written what I wanted to, I'm still tired. So tired. I probably shouldn't have wasted that much effort trying to begin with. But thank god it's friday and I got to eat some nice ba chor mee with my boy today. Probably the best thing that happened throughout this entire school week.

I just want this semester to end already.

Maybe the weekends will be better.

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