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The start of school never bodes well with me. I guess I have been too comfortable with the freedom granted to me ever since the start of the holidays. Now it's... trying to reset my entire body clock. I was only able to fall asleep at 5AM last night (or morning) because that's generally the time I knock out since September.
Well, I'm barely surviving the cold morning though. My eyelids are threatening to fall shut.

I don't know how anyone could be excited about school. It's such a dreadful thing - the cold morning showers, long empty bus rides, and the likes of it.

I realise the frequency of my blogging significantly decreases each time I'm back to school for the new semester. It's not that I don't want to blog, but rather, I don't quite know what to update this space with. I'm living a pretty boring life in school, if I must say. And if you excuse me for my pessimism, it's a depressing school life too. Last semester was probably the only exception. But I guess starting on what seems like a fresh slate meant going back to square one. It's like I never got anywhere.

Maybe this semester would be different. I don't want to have any expectations but I don't think things could get any worse than then. As long as my GPA sustains and I still enjoy the things that I'm studying, that would suffice. Right?

Anyway, my dear boy agreed to another cake venture with me (yes again) because I was getting monday blues right from the start of Sunday. So yes, feast your eyes on the sweet treats I'm about to post again hehehe.

 photo IMG_2651_zps9b7aacd9.jpg
 photo IMG_2659_zps217ed0ed.jpg
 photo IMG_2654_zps273e9153.jpg
 photo IMG_2663_zps383df642.jpg
 photo IMG_2669_zpsa876cf25.jpg
 photo IMG_2668_zps1dd54b2f.jpg

This is probably gonna be the last cafe visit with Brandon, until a very long time. I hate how every semester, our schedules are always clashing in the most disgusting way possible. Argh. In the end, I only have Wednesdays after 4PM to spend with him ):
Guess there won't be much cakes pictures in the next 6 months or so. But looking at how the JC kids are finishing their A's in about 30 days, maybe my next food venture won't be so far away. Plus, I've made plans with Carina to visit some cool food place too. :)

It was supposed to be a stay-in Sunday initially, but the blues were getting the better of me, and so Brandon gave me the heads up to do whatever I desired. As compared to the things going on back at home, this was just what I needed. Thank you, love.

We went to The Bakery Chef for the sweet toothed. And this time, I managed to grab the bill before he could!!!
As for the food, we got ourselves an Iced Mocha, African Sunrise tea and their dessert platter! Their dessert platter consists of any 3 cakes which you could choose from, a cupcake, two macarons and a glass dessert. The best part of it all is how wallet-friendly it is!! It's $22.90 for the platter and it's perfect for tea. :)
For our cakes, we got their highly raved Rainbow Slice, Caramel Guilt and Newyork cheesecake (because we both love cheesecakes). And then there's a Red Velvet Cupcake, and Pistachio and Hazelnut macarons.

The platter is filling. And I loved the Caramel Guilt a lot but I personally wouldn't recommend you having it to yourself cause it's just too sweet. Brandon hates caramel (I'm still trying to convince him otherwise) so he gave up after having a bite.
Their Rainbow Slice is raved to be "the best rainbow cake" in Singapore. I never really liked Rainbow Cakes because all the ones I had so far were just meh other than their attractive colour palettes, but this one was quite good! It's worth making a trip for if you're into fluffy cakes with loads of icing/cream. Not so if you're like me and Brandon, who are avid haters of cream and icing. But I still loved the cake minus all the icing on top!
Then there was the Cheesecake which we fancied, and relatively okay macarons and cupcake. If it weren't so far from home, I'd probably revisit the place. But you should probably try their dessert platter and pretty cakes at least once! They have this other matcha layered cake, caramel apple pancake and red velvet waffles which I didn't have enough tummy space to try ):

 photo IMG_2677_zpsd59175bc.jpg
 photo IMG_2678_zps8514b592.jpg
 photo IMG_2683_zps5aca6fe6.jpg
 photo IMG_2692_zpscfe5b123.jpg
 photo IMG_2694_zps4c756ebd.jpg
 photo IMG_2695_zps010d893d.jpg

I never wanted this to be a food post but I guess I can't help it. Hahaha. I love food but the idea of getting fatter just irks me. I should probably get my ass back into the gym and not forsake my workout routine anymore. I've been slacking off for 4 days already... Plus all the fatty food lately, I think it's goodbye abs. Time to train them back.

This post took at least 3 hours to draft cause I'm actually doing this in between lecture breaks (so I'm not slacking off). I like my lecturers so far.

Anyway Studio Hanawa is not gaining as much traffic as I'd like. I wonder what I should do?? This is giving me quite the headache, not because money is not coming in but rather, it needs some publicity. Sigh.
If you haven't visited my webstore or liked our Facebook page, please do! The giveaway is ending in about 4 days so do participate in it while it's still ongoing!!

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