Not a day I regret that with you I'm engrossed.

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I had a day off from work just last Friday (3rd October) and so me and my boy made plans to visit the SEA Aquarium!! It's has actually been on my to-do list ever since last year but I never actually thought it out much. But Brandon decided to take me there that fateful friday so yes I'm a really lucky girl hehe.
Honestly I don't really know what is it about the SEA Aquarium that appeals to me. Quite a number of friends just thought it was ridiculous and said, "you're paying over $20 just to watch fishes swim around?"

Well yes. But I personally feel there's more to that. And maybe it's kind of childlike of me but I really thought it was fun, watching bizarre species of marine life swim or bob around the way they do. Plus, I had the best company I could ask for!!
Plus, I had a really good lunch at poulet. It was our first visit but damn, their chicken and mushroom soup is heaven. Oh and Brandon got me the overpriced truffles from awfullychocolate too. Never thought I'd get to try them since their prices turn me off so much but you really get what you pay for. We both loved it hehe. :)

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(the last pic is just a selfie taken earlier in the day LOL)

But Brandon has been treating me to too much things lately and I don't know how to get him to stop, other than staying indoors. Someone please share with me a foolproof method to stop your boyfriend from spoiling you like this. While I feel so much like a princess to be pampered, sometimes it makes my heart ache knowing he is spending so much money on me I don't even know if he has any left for himself. Going dutch is impossible with this dummy cause he always gets the bill before I can!!!! >:(

I'll be heading to camp in a couple of hours so that means no work for the next couple of days. As for my online business project, it should be up in a couple of days. Probably next week soonest. Honestly I'm so excited for its launch and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a successful venture! Meanwhile, do keep a lookout for its debut and I'll really appreciate it if you could give me some support hahaha. Hopefully I'll have some giveaways in store!

This holiday proved to be my busiest. And the most fruitful. I've gotten myself a new part-time job, a web design project, and started the new online business after contemplating for a long time. It's feels like the past month passed by too fast, but I'm hoping the next 2 weeks would slow down a little.

I just need a little breather before the new school semester kills me. Again.

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