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1:45 AM

Friday evening, I tasted one of the best cakes I've eaten in my life, ever. I read reviews that mentioned how Kki sweets' cakes were heaven in a bite, and they really were. They have been on my to-go list for years but since their previous location at Ann Siang Hill closed, I never had the chance to taste those Japanese cakes. But after a little research the night before (I wanted to pamper myself with some cakes after all the work lately), I found out that they have relocated at SotA after 8 long months of being MIA.
Finally, I get to taste those petite lil things.

Honestly, the price is a bomb. But I've already prepared myself for the bill coming my way even before I visited their store. That's probably my one day's worth of work pay to cakes. But it's so damn worth it!!

We got ourselves Nao (a strawberry mousse cake with pistachio centre), Antoinette (white chocolate mousse with mango filling), Little Red Riding Hood (dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre) and Mont Blanc (french chestnut paste with cream centre).
I got myself black tea while Brandon got himself latte. So yeap, 4 miniature cakes and 2 drinks for 2 people.

 photo IMG_2528_zpsb1eaa116.jpg
 photo IMG_2536_zps4b247241.jpg
 photo IMG_2611_zps6fa916fe.jpg
 photo IMG_2580_zps28c93b07.jpg
 photo IMG_2539_zpsecd34560.jpg
 photo IMG_2566_zps5efdfa0c.jpg

 photo IMG_2545_zpsbfcd80ba.jpg
 photo IMG_2549_zps37d92e4b.jpg
 photo IMG_2563_zps3a70738d.jpg
 photo IMG_2578_zpsbdcc8f89.jpg
 photo IMG_2583_zpsf003bf1d.jpg
 photo IMG_2586_zpsf4d7958c.jpg
 photo IMG_2592_zps7345c4b6.jpg
 photo IMG_2601_zpsa63e2c7b.jpg
 photo IMG_2599_zpsb42a174c.jpg
 photo IMG_2602_zps98e618de.jpg
 photo IMG_2605_zpscdd912bf.jpg
 photo IMG_2608_zps07d814d3.jpg
 photo IMG_2621_zps4b5bde8b.jpg

Their mousse cakes are really soft, smooth and fluffy and every other components making up the cake is just subtle enough to complement but not overpower each other. Well, I'm not exactly a food critic here but these cakes are really to die for!!! I'm gonna return for their 8 other flavours some time soon because the thought of leaving without trying the other highly raved flavours is just... unsettling.
Personally I loved Nao the most, followed by Mont Blanc, Little Red Riding Hood and then Antoinette. Omg I can't wait for my next visit.

If you haven't been there or if you're contemplating to, you should. I loved the ambience of the place too. It's really cosy with all the wooden frames and lattices though it didn't have much natural lighting for better pictures ): But it's definitely a place worth visiting.

This food trip really reminds me how much I want to go to Japan. The thought of being there for their sushi, cakes and picturesque places... Okay I really gotta start saving up for it. End of year 2 celebration trip, I'm so going to Japan!!!!!

I had a lot of fun disturbing my fellow colleague (Carina) who was sadly, working that day with pictures of kki's cakes. She was so envious HAHAH but I think my second trip back to Kki Sweets would probably be with her. We've been discussing about other cafes to visit too hehe. Honestly, I really find it amazing how we got this close just from working together, even though we don't exactly have a lot of overlapping shifts. Guess this is one of the perks from being pioneer staffs. I'm so glad we click. ;)

 photo 56C86AA2-3A28-4C7F-A4E0-9EC071CF47D4_zps4v248quf.jpg  photo 890C80C0-EA3B-4CE8-8375-BC68D6069D7E_zpsxuxdo497.jpg  photo 776E785D-768B-498E-957B-241B3B359753_zps00dupyfk.jpg
 photo 1E6F45E9-D39E-47EB-BD3D-676EDD0937FD_zpsiulaz3hf.jpg  photo B15F37A3-6F3B-4A17-A84A-A1CDF01052AA_zpscu2wohf2.jpg  photo 28A59B8C-1805-4307-904D-DB42237CEDE8_zpswdivmyj2.jpg

Anyway, above (in white) is one of my favourites from Studio Hanawa's latest collection! The Ivory Peonies Headband features four beautiful peonies that fits your entire crown. It's definitely one of Studio Hanawa's bolder pieces, and it's so gorgeous!!
If you haven't gotten yourself a headpiece, you probably should. It's more wearable than you think! There are other designs available as well so why not head down to our site and pick your favourite? :)

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