Japan in December (part 3) - Borderless Digital Art Museum

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One of our highlights during our 23 days in Japan is definitely the Borderless light exhibition by teamLab.

Held at the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Odaiba, we took a day trip from Tokyo just 30 minutes away from Shinjuku. It was something that Trisha and her boyfriend also planned to visit, so we went for the exhibition together.

The Borderless light exhibition has always been highly raved online, so we book the entry tickets to it early since they are sold out quickly. It seems like a lot of locals visit this museum too. Tickets are also not sold at the entrance, so we had to do the online purchase early.

The price per ticket is ¥3200, which is about S$40. Honestly, we all thought it was kinda pricey... Until we went into the exhibition space and was just blown away by the whole display.

The Borderless light exhibition is actually an interactive one, so just by playing with the lights and shadows, the displays and music changes. Visually and audibly, each of their rooms and varying exhibition spaces are just so immersive with every shift in light and colour.
Some of their most popular spaces are the Crystal World, the Floating Nest and the Forest of Lamps, and they sometimes require you to queue as they don't want too many people overcrowding in the space at once.

We queued for the Floating Nest not knowing what it was, and omg when 20 over people had to move into this web made of ropes that's literally a few stories about the ground, I freaked out HAHA. I am not good with heights, especially when it comes to bridges and this type of stuff that is practically suspends you in mid air. What if it breaks?!

But anyway, I know I am just overthinking so I just tried not to look at the ground below me. We were all supposed to lie on the suspending web and look at the ceiling above where the digital installation accompanied with music will play.

Yeah, I didn't take any photos of that display cause I was scared out of my wits but you can google them haha.

If you see their site, the pictures already look amazing. But just know that in reality... The space is far more packed and crowded with visitors at every corner. But the museum is huge, and the staffs regulate the number of people inside the exhibition space so the experience is not ruined because of overcrowding.

There are also a few attractions in the Odaiba area, so you can still wander around the area after you're done! We spent a total of three hours at the Borderless exhibition, which was waaay longer than we intended haha but still worth it!
What came as a surprise to both Trisha and myself was how the guys actually enjoyed it LOL. We thought that they might get bored after a while since we all thought it was just pretty lights, but that wasn't the case. The interactive and musical elements of the exhibit really amplified the experience.

So now that I've already done three highlights of Japan, I'll be working on the 5 Day JR Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass and what we covered with it next! We went to the Deer Park, Rabbit Island and Kinosaki Onsen Town with the pass so... I guess a long and informative-ish post next? Heh.

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