I didn't do it but you lit the match for me.

2:51 AM

It's been a busy week. In fact, this holiday feels too short and cramped with things to do for my liking. I put too much things on my plate without giving it a second thought.

I got myself a new part-time job at a cafe recently. It's grand opening will be in 2 days time and I'm so stoked to be part of the team!! Guess this means goodbye to Gongcha for good. The owners seem pretty nice so far, so I hope the working environment would keep me around. The cafe's located just a 10 minute walk away from my home, so that itself is already a huge plus point. I'll blog more about the cafe I'm working at once I've learnt the ropes.
Aside from the cafe job, I also got myself another web project. I'm helping an events management company construct their official site and it's been a really tough journey so far (I foresee more painkillers coming my way) but I'm really learning so much from this. The best part of it all is how it would reflect so nicely on my portfolio hehe. And of course some allowance for myself while I'm at it. But that's a thing for later because I'm still weeks away from completion. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. ):

I gave myself a break on Friday for a trip to Ikea with some of the primary school friends, Saturday to TBM's flea with Trisha & Miaolin which we snagged a lot of good deals from, and the Sunday to work on a photoshoot with Zhiyi and my CCHY girls (e.g. Ziman & Fithri).

 photo 6960E2EB-2895-4807-B0EA-B8820342D961_zps9fpxeb3t.jpg  photo B51B8D13-F7C1-4145-B486-AB2B8B2BC4F4_zpshdmhhoem.jpg  photo 466B0F3C-8941-4264-B824-FB4452AED65C_zpscczomst8.jpg
 photo A94359A3-DB05-459A-9306-F8176329190F_zps5xlh93te.jpg  photo 779F2AD8-9882-4E21-956E-7A01A97F2FD3_zpszcpledcu.jpg  photo DC25609D-9CA4-4292-A5A9-3307CEA6D0C8_zpsslmim5uk.jpg

I'll post up some of the photoshoot pictures once I'm done with the editing. Considering how there is probably over 1k of photos to sieve through, it is going to take a while. But meanwhile, feast your eyes on our iPhonegraphy.

The photoshoot is part of the new label that I'm currently working on. I have yet establish the brand or website yet (been occupied with 1. my new part-time job, 2. my web project, 3. hanging out with my pals to make sure I'm spending my holidays right) so I'm don't know when will I ever get it done. But I'm trying my best to work everything out given the amount of time I actually have.
Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for its debut!! And of course, big thanks to the friends that agreed to help me with the launch of my new label *blows kisses* Keeping my fingers crossed for this to be a huge hit pleaseeee.

 photo DC4022E1-70D9-435A-BFFB-1EADF8818358_zpshimns0xp.jpg  photo 8304F726-0344-462B-B9F4-671701CE91E8_zps0eji0hhp.jpg
 photo B7571DF8-CFDE-4AA5-8C4A-9AA4EFC4C164_zpsmpxfb83q.jpg  photo DFC31597-A134-4ACD-9657-CD6FCFA7EFE3_zpscjk5vq22.jpg

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