The past stays in the past.

3:24 AM

Finally developed and collected the 4 rolls of film which I've taken over the past couple of months, dating all the way back from September till now. Honestly, I wouldn't exactly say that I'm disappointed with the results. Some rolls were horrendous, some were more than just satisfactory. But hey there's some significant improvement from my very first roll (which turned out totally underexposed if you must know).

Just sharing some of the few better shots I've got ever since I took an interest in film photography. I use a Superheadz silm camera (best birthday gift from Zhiyi ever) and Olympus Trip 35 (best thrifted item ever) interchangeably.

 photo 000078020033_zps993a5598.jpg
 photo 000078020032_zps0a2f1424.jpg
Using Ektachrome E200. Probably my 2nd or 3rd roll since venturing into film.

 photo F1010002_zps882a3b49.jpg
 photo F1000018_zpsdc512f69.jpg
 photo F1000029_zps1d3625d7.jpg
 photo F1000033_zpsadf503a8.jpg
Fuji Superia 400, while at Bangkok in September 2013 and during a recent photoshoot.

 photo 000085020035_zps378679b7.jpg
 photo 000085020034_zps46b50a85.jpg
 photo F1030003_zps05af75e6.jpg
 photo F1030005_zpsa5a051de.jpg
 photo F1030007_zps10ea3e23.jpg
 photo F1030026_zpsf3fdfd95.jpg
 photo F1030037_zps48945423.jpg
 photo F1030036_zpsfad323ac.jpg
Kodak Porta 400, while at Bangkok, on a school's field trip and then Bintan.

 photo F1020026_zps22ce61ec.jpg
 photo F1020028_zps6aa9320a.jpg
 photo F1020036_zps5ffd14c9.jpg
 photo F1020017_zps4e342926.jpg
 photo F1020013_zpsa093a794.jpg
 photo F1020011_zps9152c389.jpg
 photo F1020018_zps1dcf47a7.jpg
Provia 100F (expired), while at Bintan. Probably my favourite slides yet.

And here's the beach pictures from last Friday using either Superia 400 or Provia 100F.

 photo F1020006_zpse4596cf8.jpg
 photo F1000013_zps7cf91fcd.jpg
 photo F1000014_zps00e43bae.jpg
 photo F1000010_zps26c804a9.jpg
 photo F1020005_zps5078714e.jpg

I guess I kinda found a couple of slides and negatives that I love. It was a bomb though, the price of the films and the developing costs. I easily dumped 60 bucks on 4 rolls.

Even so, I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon. Well, maybe till the day I'm dead broke (it's imminent, given the rate I'm splurging this holidays). But otherwise, I can't wait try out my new slides heheh. I still got ways to go, and lots of room for improvement.

If you've tried film before and failed miserably on your first few rolls, don't be disheartened. Really, practice makes perfect. Not that I know of anyone close to me that shoots film, with the exception of Zhiyi, but yeah... Well whatever.

I bought myself an early birthday gift today. It seems like I jumped on the bandwagon due to the influence of my fellow friends who decides to pamper themselves on their very special day because they "deserve" it. Like whut LOL.
But anyway, I got two new camera lens - one of them from myself, and the other from my dad (i love him to bits, really).
My heart hurts knowing I spent so much today just on photography, but I'd like to think that this is a worthwhile investment. Can't wait to explore with them too.

So much to do and yet the holidays are coming to an end soon. Sigh.

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