With you it always feels like home.

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(a couple of art student lining the streets)

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^Last stop for a break before heading home.

Spent my Sunday shopping with Trisha, and today on a date at Chinatown with my boy! Hahaha it wasn't exactly a date since we had things to buy and hence the trip, but might as well make the best out of it!
So yeah I went out of the way to buy shampoo. Yeah shampoo and just shampoo cause apparently you can get it at People's Park Complex at $17 for a litre of shampoo and a litre of conditioner when you pay pay the exact same price for only 300ml at other supermarkets and department stores. Talk about cheap!!! #auntiebelle

As usual, enjoyed the quality spent with him. During his study break and week of exams, I barely saw him at all (just practically worked my ass off) so thank god for the end of his papers and school!!!

But heading out 4 days in a row also means loads of spending. Brandon downloaded this app called Wally and I thought it was quite cool so I downloaded it too. It basically tracks your expenditures, whilst tracking your salary and budget if any. It's quite cool you should download it especially if it's your holidays right now. Trust me you'll need it.
After recording all the items I've spent since the start of March (which has only been 3 days), I have already spent up to $300+?! Lol what can I say. My Sunday with Trisha got me 4 new apparels and some makeup products. And makeup is. So. Damn. Expensive. I haven't started putting them on (too lazy and it's kinda troublesome) but I'm bound to in the near future so... Yeah.

Not really glad about the fact that I've spent half of what's in my bank but at least I still got my pending pay which has yet to be transferred. Thank god.

Can't wait for more trips, outings, photoshoots and dates to come. ^_^

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