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My childhood fruit which I'm still in love with. I don't know how anyone could not like persimmons.

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Persimmon tartlets.

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Key lime tartlets/cookies

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Raw vegan baking with Trisha the other day before my Batam trip. It wasn't the most successful, but it was okay.  The persimmon tarts didn't turn out as we expected but it was quite nice. The key lime tartlets, however, were either "too sour" or "too nutty". Hopefully by the end of this holidays, I'll bake something healthy and better tasting.
And yeah, the last few photos are me and Trisha's pre-workout chia pudding topped with strawberries, sunflower seeds, rolled oats and goji berries. I think the respective visual presentations of our parfaits shows our differing personalities.

My 2D1N Batam trip with my family and Brandon passed real quick. In fact, it didn't feel like much but I'm still kinda grateful for the super short getaway. It wasn't exactly a relaxing trip since my family and relatives decided to go there for shopping (explains why I didn't bring my camera), but Brandon and I almost didn't buy a thing LOL. Just nothing that caught his or my eye - except a pair of gym gloves for me and presents for his family. But it was still great time spent with loved ones and of course, for some damn good massage and A&W!

After baking with Trisha last Friday, we had a gym session spamming lunges and squats so for the next two days after that (which was my Batam trip), I couldn't sit or get up from my seat without a helping hand LOL. And something as simple and bending down to tie my shoelaces became an impossible feat. So yeah I really needed the massage though it totally killed me. It's day 3 now and it's better I hope I recover by tomorrow.

This entire week is packed with plans and outings. Hopefully I don't burn out before the week ends!! It's been a while since my life is this happening lol cause now I'm just a lazy bum who gets tired from constant outings or events. Ironic how back when I was 15-16, I used to hate staying home and would stay out till late on weekdays and head out for cafe hopping/shopping/photoshoots every weekend. I am definitely growing old.
It's not that I hate heading outdoors now but rather, my energy depletes at an alarming rate. Oh well maybe I've just lost my stamina so time to get it with the remains of my holidays! And I guess you could expect this space to be updated more frequently. :)

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