If death came with light.

12:14 AM

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Not the most glamourous shot of her, but I thought the lighting, framing, angle and everything else was near perfect.

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The straps of the wings are visible, I know. I was too lazy to photoshop it away.

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Credits to Trisha for this one.

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Monday's photoshoot - Sunbathed Skins.
Photographer: Mirabelle
Model: Trisha 

Camera: Canon EOS 600D + 50mm

For something as impromptu as this, I'm rather pleased with the results. It could be better, definitely. And I'm working on it. It's been so long since we had a photoshoot and I'm glad these could be of some use to my portfolio.

I fell in love with our photoshoot location the moment we set our eyes on it. The open fields, trees - the fallen one in particular - and the lighting. I guess my wanderlust is temporarily curbed with the beauty this place brings. It's probably the best spot yet and I can't wait to return. There were barely any creepy insects too.
It was kinda spooky though, to find a supermarket trolley right smack in the middle of it all - a decent one in perfect condition at that. But we decided to just brush it aside and use it to our advantage. It became a perfect holder for our bags and all.
Hopefully the next time we return, I'll get to shoot some photos with the trolley haha. How cool would that be.

The only downside to the whole location was probably the ample number of stray dogs. Every now and then, we'll have to scan our surroundings to see if there's any of the strays approaching us especially if we hear a bark in a distance. And when they are, we make a dash for the exit leaving everything behind.
It certainly brings back the memory of a year ago when me and Trisha had this mutt growling barking snarling *inserts other aggressive-dog-describing adjective* right at our heel while we ran for our lives. Literally.

Thank god the dogs this time were not as aggressive. In fact, there was only one dog that kept eyeing us though it didn't come close. It was only till near twilight did more dogs appear that we decided to wrap up for the day.

The things we (or rather, I, since Trisha went along with my decision) do in the name of photography.

Anyways, if you happen to be somebody who's interested in modelling (for portfolio or fun, whatever) or if you're in need of a photographer for anything, do let me know! I'm more than willing, since Trisha is 'modeling' as a favour for me. You could say that I'm actually trying to find people of similar interests. I mean, just imagine an aspiring photographer, model, make-up artist etc forming a team. Everyone could work together, improving their skills/area of expertise, and get something they want out from it. I've seen a couple of my seniors doing it and the results are a-ma-zing. How cool would it be if I could find a team of my own!! Hahah guess I gotta work on that with the remains of my holidays.

p.s i love my new blogskin.

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