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2nd April 2014: Happy 18th Birthday Victor!

Just a couple of days before, we (primary school group) decided to give Victor a birthday surprise after his long day of school. It was midweek, so it was kinda hard to plan since he has school the next day butttttttt we all managed to come up with an awesome plan together! ^-^

Plan: Victor comes home, we surprise him at the doorstep with cake (which me and Brandon baked on Monday!) > have cake and takeout for dinner at Trisha's place (which is just a couple of doors away cause her parents were not home) > The Big Surprise

The Big Surprise was actually to have Victor whack a piñata that contains random junk and our gifts to him! If you don't know, he loves wrecking and breaking things. I thought it was ze perfect idea. So yeah, we basically had a "try-not-to-get-something-fragile" rule for our presents to him. I remember I was freaking out the day before because I have yet to find a decent gift for him, and I couldn't find any cardboard for the piñata making.
But I was out with Zhiyi then and since Victor had this crazy workout routine that made him lose 13kg (yes 13 friggin' kilograms not pounds), we all thought he needed a wardrobe revamp now that his clothes look too huge for him. So me and Zhiyi were like "when in doubt, always go Pull and Bear" HAHAHAH. One of our fav shops evaaa.
The cardboard thing was thankfully resolved with Trisha's help.

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But things never go according to plan now do they.

Cause it was a surprise, we never asked Victor if he was free or if he had any plans. So we later found out that he going for a buffet dinner with his family and won't be back till... 10PM?? Imagine how disappointed we all were at 5PM after rushing to make his piñata. And we can't have dinner with him. Lol honestly, I was greatly pissed at myself for not foreseeing something like this or having a Plan B.
But the guys suggested to have dinner at Domino's, and then return to surprise him so we did. We had daily scoop after that too but I'm honestly disappointed by their flavours and brownie cause idk it was raved but I thought it was just meh.

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Victor reached home at approximately 9.30PM and we surprised him with the home baked cheesecake! I think me and Brandon did a super good job!! It could be less sweet (and maybe much less sinful) but it's probably one of my best bakes yet, despite the poorly placed parchment paper that ruined the sides. Plus I really enjoyed the afternoon spent baking with my boy.
After everyone finished, it was time to blindfold Victor. We had to do it at the void deck cause there was no suitable place to hang the piñata at Trisha's place.

Damn can you believe that guy actually broke the whacking stick into 4 pieces? Fyi no one thought it was even breakable after our trial-and-error.

A watch, Starbucks card, portable charger, pull and bear t-shirt, keychain, sneaker balls and marimo. His surprise eighteenth which he probably didn't expect hahah.

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Happy birthday Victor! :)

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