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Thursday's brunch.

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Saturday's cakes.

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I love to eat/cafe hunt with people who are like me - taking a couple of minutes to snap pictures of our food from all sorts of food placements and angles (even if it means standing or having weird stances), followed by editing, before we finally devour the good stuff.
But so far, most of the friends who I dine with will always be like "omg belle are you done" and for those who know me best (e.g Brandon and Trisha), they'll just sit around, bearing their hunger because they simply can't be bothered to waste their breath anymore HAHAHA. Sorry I'm just lyk dat.
This week however, I dined with two of the girls (Meifang @Canopy & Joleen @Cake Spade) on separate days and realised they are exactly like me!!! LOL. They are good food-hunting partners, and I foresee more food ventures with them hehe ^_^

 photo 6F836336-B45E-438C-8780-BF41FEDDA826_zpslbxojzsm.jpg  photo BEA1F15E-600B-4D2C-A05B-BE99AE7E815F_zps0onnnvzu.png  photo 796FD33E-659B-4990-B658-2542F47A1D0F_zpsfl0zoys4.jpg  photo 81B004C7-CA57-4AA8-9AF9-AE6B39436979_zpswdwe6xdn.jpg  photo FE0AE706-1C18-444F-A033-BC6349891400_zpsiplq9bfu.jpg  photo 987E3DF1-F922-4555-85BA-F7B898414922_zpsgxrt0sn7.jpg  photo FD780FC8-C47D-4DED-8EF7-C0469B79C56B_zpsu4zfihgc.jpg  photo 8D6782D9-2953-4218-BDB1-E2C5E5679AC7_zpsggyc8o7c.jpg  photo 707C5540-4C70-406B-AEC2-BA0439D1E068_zpsay0hsg8g.jpg

Sums up this crazy week!

Monday - Gym session with Zhiyi & Victor + meet up with the CCHY girls + meet up with h&f (pri sch group)
Tuesday - Gym with Trisha + shopping at town (totally burnt another hole)
Wednesday - Gym with Brandon + Kenny's belated birthday dinner with the girls and bbros.
Thursday - Brunch with Meifang + Gym
Friday -  Beach outing with h&f + dinner at Arnold's + movie Divergent
Saturday - Cake Spade with Joleen + Gym
Sunday - Gym with Trisha + planning/prep for upcoming photoshoot

If you're wondering whether or not I have a life since I gym literally everyday, well, maybe not LOL. Ever since March started, I guess I've just been working out a lot mainly because I didn't feel particularly happy with myself. So... I thought that I should do something to keep myself occupied, rather than have depressing thoughts all the time. Which explains the gym, and the healthier diets (planning breakfast is more time-consuming than it seems, seriously). Ever since the 2nd term of poly after december holidays, I kinda neglected all my workout routines for final assignments and what not so... Time to get back on track!

And this week has been great! Caught up with many - Primary school, CCHY & poly mates. It's been a while since I met so many different faces in a week and though I thought I'll be physically and spiritually drained, I'm actually feeling more energised than ever. Guess it's the company that matters. :)

Probably gonna take a short break by staying home this week while some of the JC kids finish up their papers, and then it's more outings again. Can't believe there's only 3-4 weeks left of my holidays.

Anyway, I got back my GPA on Friday and it was bad. Like, disgustingly horridly bad. I'm disappointed cause I anticipated better grades, and yet what I got was far from my expectations. I kinda screwed up my first sem's efforts too.
Next semester, I'm going to work my ass off. I have to. I wish I wasn't so unmotivated months ago, then maybe, I would have gotten better grades. Lol what's with me and my regrets.

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