Snapshots from Bintan

10:30 PM

A surprise getaway to Bintan to celebrate my homegirl's 23rd birthday! I think this whole surprise travel trip could very well be a yearly tradition, since we also whisked her away to KhaoYai (without her prior knowledge) for her birthday last year.
This time, all we told her was that we're going to have a staycay at Sentosa and to pack some summery outfits cause we're gonna be taking photos. But nope, off to the ferry terminal we went!

When you're by default, the photographer, so you end up taking new profile pictures for everyone lolol.

The seaview from our room!!

To sum it all up: We got a tan, played water sports, did some snorkeling, indulged in seafood and had a couple of drinks. The birthday girl herself couldn't swim, but so it was her first time snorkeling and doing jumps in the middle of the sea haha.

Well, aside from that, we also took lots of photos. Especially in our Jacuzzi pool just for the sake of it.

Please, give my new beach + constellation themed nails some validation. If only the camera could fully capture the mesmerising, reflective water effect in all its allure. I LOVE!!

Just like that, another one of us turned 23! You know the saying that goes, "nobody likes you when you're 23"? Now that someone else has joined me in the old, aging and unlikable age of 23 club, I feel so consoled.

Truth be told, I still feel like I'm only 20 and living in the year 2016. It doesn't feel like I'm one year away from graduating, and I definitely don't feel prepared about moving out of my parent's home and into my own in two years (well, that's just a personal goal I've set for myself).
Maybe life has something else in store for me in the next two years? The idea of living abroad does sound very attractive, actually.

Well, despite all these uncertainties about the future, I do at least find comfort in knowing that the girls are a constant in my life. Friends since 2005, we've practically been with each other more than half our lifetimes. From immature kids whose biggest worries were how to skip math remedial classes to angsty teens that had 00's punk music on autoplay on our emo blogs, we've come a long way.

Here's to us, and the years of adulting ahead.

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