What I wouldn't give to go back.

8:50 PM

Today, just an hour after lunch, I made an impromptu decision with Zhiyi to go to YJC for their carnival.

We weren't invited by anyone in particular... LOL but we poly fags have nothing to do now that it's the holidays so.

I thought it'll be nice to say hi to Joanne since it's been ages since I last saw her and I miss her!! Hahaha ironic how we used to see each other almost everyday during the CCHY days. And of course to visit Valerie and Mingxun (the primary school friends) which I happen to bump into last year during the carnival too.

I wounded up bumping into more of my friends in primary school! None of them happen to be in h&f (the current CPS group that I always hang out with) but they all happen to be my ex-classmates in 5.3! Filbert, Benedict, Cheng Yun and of course, Mingxun and Valerie. I remember Filbert being the super nice guy that I always kinda bully while we were group mates for a lot of projects since our index numbers were just a number away. The following two guys were the annoying dudes. Hahaha man I kinda miss those days.
And of course it's a given to reminisce about old times and start gossiping about who went where and all that. And we did take a photo to commemorate the day and as usual, I'm always a damn midget.

By now you should have realised that I was too lazy to bring my camera out for the day, but I promise pictures for my next post. I mean, I don't really like wordy posts myself unless you're someone I bother about and I see the dire need to catch up with you through your blog posts lol so congrats if you've read up till here actually.

Me: Hi Mingxun, this is... Zhiyi and Zhiyi this is Mingxun.
(exchanged their hi's)
Me: He is the guy that took over your place.
Mingxun: Huh??!?!?! As what?!
Me: My best guy friend LOL

The look on Mingxun's face was priceless!! Hahah damn I really miss the p5&6 days with him after all. And he's now he's even more of a gentleman than he was before!!!

Hopefully this time, we will all get to spend mid-autumn together! It's a yearly primary school tradition anyway hahaha. I guess I had the best days back in CPS and CCHY. Poly life in comparison to then is shit. Lol.

Today was a good day, and so was yesterday while playing basketball with my boy. It's been so long since I shot hoops I 1)am having muscle aches now and 2)missed 50% of my shots. Damn I need to get back in the game!!

Looks like tomorrows always guarantee better days after you've hit rock bottom. :)

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