Three, two, one; where did the time go?

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My dad aged by another year just a couple of hours ago (11th March), which makes him 48 now. I honestly don't know if that's considered old but to me, it is. It seems like it was only a year or two ago when he was still in his early 40s, and in a blink of an eye, he's already in his late 40s going 50. That's... Pretty darn old and fast if you ask me lol.
I've always been used to the fact that my dad was relatively fit since he goes to the gym or swims almost daily, and he was also usually be the last to sleep. But as of recent years, his wrinkles and all have been screaming to me more than anything else - that he is ageing, and that one day he'll no longer be able to support me like he has been doing all these while. And in a few more years to come, I'll be the one returning the favour. I'm already going eighteen this year.

But I don't feel eighteen. I don't want to be eighteen. It sounds too old and heck, I'm not ready for the responsibilities that's going to come my way. Times too many, I think I'm still acting too much like a kid for my age so tell me how am I supposed to start doing things like my dad.

Anyway, enough about my rant. Moving on, just the day before, me and Brandon went grocery shopping for the cake I was gonna make for Papa Koh! And since my dad doesn't really like all the fatty stuff, might as well cut out all that butter and artificial crap and go raw vegan right!! Hahaha plus I've been contemplating about making one after reading up on a couple of recipes so i thought, why not take the opportunity?

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Aside from the materials I needed for the cake, I got a couple of my own super foods meant for the breakfasts I've been making for myself lately. Ever since late last year, I kinda got into this eat clean thing and soooooooo, my breakfasts/brunches have pretty much been raw vegan - loaded with fruits, nuts etc.
My grocery bill is... Crazy. Really. I could burn my whole wallet.

And not to mention that I got some organic items that were super overpriced. Lol. I didn't know about the alternatives (yeah that's stupid and impulsive of me I know) and Brandon had a great evening laughing and making fun at my depressing grocery bill which I could have saved about $30 if I've heeded his advice.
ARGH WHAT THE HELL I FEEL SO CHEATED FML. Thankfully, Brandon's sharing half of the cake's bill too as a gift.

Nevermind. It's a lesson learnt. I'm wiser now.

I dragged myself out of bed at 9AM despite having only 4 hours of sleep (who in the right mind would deprive themselves of sleep on a holiday?) just to start making the cake. Oh anyway, I've decided on making Raw Chocolate Cheesecake!! Honestly I'm impressed by how one could make such desserts without baking and with only raw ingredients lol. You'll understand as you read along.

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So for the crust, it basically consists of raw walnuts, cacao powder, coconut oil, maple syrup and a tad bit of salt all mixed together in my blender cause I don't have a food processor. And the cake batter on the other hand, consists of raw cashews etc etc and zucchini?!

I was kind skeptical about using some kinda cucumber in my cake batter but it was what gives the cake its consistency and feel of a "cheesecake" so... I just decided to try and besides it seems cool. My batter was meant for an 6 inch cake but since I only had the mold for a 8 inch one... It seemed more like a tart but it's okay whatever.

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After all the crazy blending, mixing of ingredients etc, off to the freezer it goes!! Desserts that don't require any baking are the best (I always screw things up in the oven). And not to mention these are way less sinless than those cakes in cafes!!
It took about 8 hours for the cake to set (which during that time I went Zhiyi's place for fun and started playing around with Adobe Illustrator cause he needed help with some logo designing) and when it was done, it's time to add the finishing touches!! ^-^ Some strawberries for garnish and cacao nibs lining the cake's edges to hide the poorly placed cling wrap that made some parts of the cake uneven.

And to surprise my dad!!

He was so happy and amazed at my skills HAHAHA. There were also no kitchen disasters!! Okay maybe one. When Brandon came over to join us for dinner, he didn't believe that I could be so meticulous and cautious so he started looking around my house's kitchen... only to find some ants on the maple syrup bottle which I didn't exactly wipe after using.
Trust him to know that I'm such a klutz to make those mistakes.

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So we kept the cake aside till after dinner outside! Everyone said it was awesome and similar to a chocolate cheesecake wheeeee. I personally think that it could be much much better though. After everyone had their fill, there were still about 5 slices left (1 which I was gonna reserve for Trisha) so what do you do?
Call Zhiyi and Kelvin of course HAHAHA. They came in like 10 mins (I can never be more grateful for them living so near me) and cleared another 2 so yay!!

This post sums up my today, and the day before. In fact, lately, I haven't been out a lot. Just random lepak outings, gym/run and adventures in my kitchen. But heyyyyy, it'll be holidays for the JC & sec sch kiddos next week!! And I'm going Batam this weekend with my family! It was a last minute decision but I'm looking forward to it. :)

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