With a thousand eyes on me, I am numb.

11:03 PM

I finally got to visit Gardens by the Bay after itching to go for a very long time. I've always been hesitant about visiting gardens since the weather is always so dreadful but after reading so many reviews about it, I finally willed myself to go. And it just so happens that I got to go with Brandon's parents and himself after they booked tickets at a discounted price from Sembawang CC last Sunday!

There's really nothing much in the outdoor gardens. There were a couple of interesting plants and sights but the truly eye-opening experience is when you actually enter the conservatories (which they call Cloud Forest and Flower Dome) where you get to enjoy air-conditioning too.

I find it wasted for those who didn't visit the conservatories simply because you have to purchase tickets to enter. It's so worth it!!! But if you choose to only visit one, you should go for the Cloud Forest because the sight of the 7-storey high waterfall that greets you at the entry will take your breath away.

Anyway I snapped away like some crazy girl who has never seen flowers her entire life. There were so many stunning species of flora and fauna and being the floral lover I am, I really enjoyed every hour spent. It's a pity my camera battery didn't last me long enough for both conservatives ): I should have brought along a spare battery like Brandon told me to...

 photo IMG_0692_zpsaryoqpfr.jpg
 photo IMG_0700_zps00wdu1c6.jpg
 photo IMG_0712_zpsvdvlhees.jpg
 photo IMG_0723_zpscoafxfkd.jpg
 photo IMG_0726_zpsx0aqx4u0.jpg  photo IMG_0738_zpsq7zk4xx3.jpg
 photo IMG_0718_zpscff8y6dr.jpg
 photo IMG_0733_zps2flq22p0.jpg
 photo IMG_0742_zpsrfvd7hdc.jpg
 photo IMG_0720_zps268j36ft.jpg  photo IMG_0736_zps9wdx6glh.jpg
 photo IMG_0716_zps52xbcuij.jpg  photo IMG_0744_zpszwilzvb2.jpg
 photo IMG_0753_zpsgfq3jddh.jpg  photo IMG_0746_zps9vxzq049.jpg
 photo IMG_0825_zpslqxbgneg.jpg
 photo IMG_0824_zpsmyudnhgr.jpg
 photo IMG_0868_zpsqtkpr9hm.jpg
 photo IMG_0691_zps6lc4ssmm.jpg  photo IMG_0698_zpsvdgzosoi.jpg
 photo IMG_0759_zpslhwukpwv.jpg
 photo IMG_0783_zps50gxaxoe.jpg
 photo IMG_0803_zpsd059kmjz.jpg
 photo IMG_0821_zps51eyrgsi.jpg
 photo IMG_0784_zpseaynfqn4.jpg  photo IMG_0788_zpsp813mon5.jpg
 photo IMG_0781_zpsxqjir9ff.jpg  photo IMG_0790_zpsjfxbupc4.jpg
 photo IMG_0841_zpscjrhehcq.jpg
 photo IMG_0816_zpsnchabdlw.jpg  photo IMG_0827_zps1wxh4oy7.jpg
 photo IMG_0876_zpsrhqkmod4.jpg  photo IMG_0858_zpsytpowcub.jpg
 photo IMG_0885_zps8jgzoolp.jpg
 photo IMG_0894_zpsrkgaytsk.jpg
 photo IMG_0888_zpsm2g6nrc2.jpg
 photo IMG_0902_zpsrb0stdct.jpg
 photo IMG_0890_zpssbvbdmva.jpg  photo IMG_0904_zps3bz3lrdq.jpg
 photo IMG_0887_zpspvhomeqm.jpg  photo IMG_0882_zpspnknbukv.jpg
 photo IMG_0908_zps17ncgmwc.jpg  photo IMG_0792_zpsn9dvaskg.jpg
 photo IMG_0911_zpswug33ob6.jpg  photo IMG_0763_zpsyei0req3.jpg
 photo IMG_0861_zpswqjz1bt0.jpg  photo IMG_0684_zps53biim8g.jpg

So yes the crazy bombardment of pictures taken mostly by me and Brandon. Quite proud of the results if I could say so myself hehe.

I honestly don't remember the last time I woke up at 6am though lol. Can't believe I used to be awake at that ungodly hour for at least 8 years of my primary and secondary school life. But if it means riding in comfort in a coach to Gardens by the Bay from Sembawang then I guess it's all worth it.

And visiting the Gardens in the morning is probably a good idea because it captures great photos and the heat doesn't kill you. Either way it was certainly quite the beauty and I would go back again IF I ever get some other discounted tickets just to take more pictures hahaha.

Tuesday's coming around tomorrow and I guess it's the start of my second work week. I'm really enjoying my work thus far because I'm doing the things that I love and my bosses are super friendly and nice!! I think I am really blessed to have gotten myself a job with prospects like this. 

Well, till my next blog post!

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