A visual summary of the long hiatus

4:15 PM

Nine months away from blogging, I must’ve broken the record haha.

So much went on these past nine months, I don’t actually know where to begin… I meant to keep using this platform as a way to share my travel experiences but with the ongoing pandemic, long were the days when I could book a flight to somewhere spontaneously and then write about it after.

So anyways, while I’m stuck in tiny Singapore, life can get pretty mundane when you're now an adult without school or "being a student" to cheat your way out of things lol (still, I do not miss LASALLE and the way my mental health yo-yos every semester). Even more so if you're working a 9 to 6 job every Monday to Friday... :')
That's right. Your homegirl is now a full-time photographer! After doing freelance for a bit and going through somewhat of an existential quarter-life crisis, I decided to work full-time cause I believe it's the best course of action for me to take now.
Although the full-time nature of the job is draining, the work I get to do on the daily is still very much like what I usually do, so that's somewhat fulfilling still. Gotta pat myself on the back for the arduous hours I spent on my portfolio/resume and sending them out at a time when I wasn't exactly feeling like my best self hehe.

Okay, I digressed. Point is, since I started my full-time job, it’s been a while since I last dabbled into other creative mediums aside from photography. Soooo the pseudo art bitch in me (yes, she’s back) decided to be a little creative by collaging some of the things I've been up to in the past nine months.

One of the most recent things would be a cafe trip with Yau to Merci Marcel, where we had some rly good bunch at their Orchard outlet. It’s one of those days where we dressed up a little and felt posh lmao.

A mix of film/phone photos from Rumours Beach Club in January.

One of the Sunday mornings in late March where we all decided to go on a 20km hike!! The sunburn I got from that day though… The tan lines are so ugly I can’t even wear half my wardrobe till today lol.

Sometime in October last year, I also picked up muaythai after sitting on my laurels about for it forever. After doing yoga, F45 and a bunch of fitness regimes, I’ve been wanting to pick up a new sport for a while and martial arts have always been something I considered, but could never find the balls to do so. That is, until a friend who’s been training at her muaythai gym for a while recommended me to go for a trial with her (and also because I was getting bored of home workouts since covid happened).
Of course, I had to drag another newbie with me when I signed up because what fun would it be if I was the only noob right? I vividly remember how intense the first few trainings were, and the ridiculous amount of bruises/injuries I got from bag work. I didn’t know punching bags were that hard?

But anyway, it’s about eight months since I’ve started muaythai and I’m still loving it!! I got to meet new friends, push/test my own limits and I love how training is a definite mood-lifter for when I’m having a bad day. Something about sweating buckets and having a physical outlet to vent it all really helps.
I haven’t sparred that much yet, but I’ve been doing more of that lately after switching gyms last month since the previous one was so far away from home. Plus, I got to meet friends too! Anyways, I’m glad it’s finally something I willed myself to pick up!! And I think I will continue this for a long while.

Some night time shenanigans captured on film with my girls, and just other random photos in my phone roll that were particularly fun and memorable for me!!

That's about all the collages. I tried to do something a little different with each layout because why not? But ughhh do I regret it halfway cause they took so much of my time... You can see how I got lazy with some of them hahaha I clearly overestimated the efficaciousness of my sudden creative spur. Well, at least I finally got new fonts and played around with gradients lmao. 

Also in the past few months: 1) my hair went through a couple of changes and I love the current look done by my Japanese stylist 2) I got my first ink (on my back) which I've put off for years because I'm a wuss when it comes to needles but it really didn't hurt much at all?? and 3) I finally started the Etsy store that I've wanted to cause of my itchy fingers, but couldn't because of school. So yes, a pretty eventful past year together with picking up muaythai and getting a full-time job!!

Until travel picks up again, I don't know when I will update this blog with another post next but I'll try if something worth updating about happens in my somewhat boring adult life. Not that boring is bad though. I find the predictability somewhat assuring, and I like it in moderate amounts. I guess this is a sign that I'm really getting older haha. My colleagues and people at my gym (mostly in their late twenties/early thirties) will always nag at me and tell me to wait a couple more years... Idk what to feel about that hahaha.

Till next time folks.

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