New Year in Tokyo

6:14 PM

Just a due update about my trip in December because my lazy ass has been leaving this space to die, again.

After a few weeks into school, one my of LASALLE friend (Yau) and I decided that we deserve a break from all the stress our curriculum has been giving us. And so, we spontaneously booked tickets to Tokyo to spend the New Year's!
Yes, I went to Japan again (I swear I don't mean to be this boring with my travel destinations but Tokyo seemed like the most apt choice), but spending New Year's there was a different experience. Also, I shopped a ton more than I usually would since it's supposed to be a therapy trip of sorts. Anything for mental health, right?

We ate a lot, had pretty stays and visited quite a number of cafes. I bought my camera and was already thinking about the "5 hipster cafes in Tokyo" or "aesthetic and affordable stays in tokyo" posts that I was going to write until... I felt exhausted.
For the first time in a long while, I felt like photography and writing was a chore. Constantly doing these for school just took the fun out of what were once my hobbies. I think part of it has got to do with how I've been so burnt out with my FYP, and... It's just been a hell.

Anyway, I digress. Point is, I ditched my camera and decided to just enjoy myself. So no note-taking, no keeping of receipts or doing the extra legwork to find out more about the places I visited etc. Basically, all the stuff I usually do prior to composing a post on this blog. All I got are photos I took with ig story filters :')

The best souffle pancakes we've ever had, which we literally had to wait hours for because there's a waiting list and the chef makes every order fresh. Definitely worth the wait, but probably make a reservation! We didn't so we strolled around omotaesando while waiting for our turn. From Micasadeco & Cafe.

Would recommend this to people who are fans of beef. They're known for their beef sushi assortments but the beef is raw. If you love sashimi, this will probably be up your alley too! From Pallet46.

Of course, Japan is not complete without a high-tea buffet!! Yau told me about this and I was so excited about the conveyor belt mini desserts and savoury treats. For 2100yen (for females), you get a bottled drink and 40 minutes in the cafe. From Cafe RonRon.

Our milk and strawberry dango from a store at an alleyway after a visit to the Asakusa temple during the New Year week! It was sooo delightful.

We actually had far more places shortlisted for our trip, but since we went over the New Year week (27th Dec to 3rd Jan), many of the places were closed for the Japanese New Year. Also, hotel prices increased by threefold for the last day of 2019.
But still, no regrets! I've been to Taiwan and Bali with Yau before, but this is the first trip where it was just the both of us so I'm glad for times we got lost together, met weird people, gushed over pretty things and what not. I also realised we didn't actually took photos together... Other than crappy selfies or terrible snaps of each other haha. Thank you friend for the trip <3

On an entirely different note, I dyed my hair pink for CNY. Previously, it was an ash-blue-grey that has since faded into bleached blonde (no photographic recollection of that on this blog cause of my lack of updates, apparently) so I thought to give it an update.

I love the new shade and I hope that it lasts!! It's been 1-2 weeks and it's already starting to turn copper...

So this post is a more personal life update. Thought I'd take a break from the work content I usually post, and also because I don't have other travel posts at the moment.

I do have other upcoming travel plans after my graduation. By then, I do hope to continue with travel writing once I get school off my back. It's always been fulfilling, knowing that others found my posts helpful while they're planning their itineraries. To better content!!

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