The things I should be letting go.

2:23 AM

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These is a really old photoset captured on film last year. By late I mean Apr-Mar 2014 kinda late. I totally forgot to develop this expired roll of Velvia 100 until I did some cleaning the other day, when I found it lingering in some box totally forsaken.

So, this proves to be one of the first few rolls I've taken and I would say it's kind of bad? LOL. These are the only good ones and I guess there's some sort of beauty to this melancholic, unintended photos.
I was very disappointed in how most of the photos turned out blurry, but I can only blame it on my amateur skills then. Not that I'm a pro now, but practice certainly makes perfect.

I really can't wait for Japan (okay you must be bored of me repeating this in every other post of mine) and I'm definitely gonna prep a few rolls for the 17-day trip. I'm still contemplating on this whether or not I should get myself this new lens which I've been eyeing on since forever... I just hope I can get it by Japan cause that would mean better photos too. I'm itching to shoot some landscapes.

Well, that's pretty much of my nerdy post on photography.

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