A Japan Photo Series - Pastel Cities

3:32 AM

I finally got around to editing the photos I took from my backpacking trip in Japan. I was pretty sure I was just gonna scrape those photos since I couldn't find the time (or the motivation) to edit the photos since they've been sitting in my hard disk for a while now. Something like old works losing their appeal (or me being a sorry excuse of a human being), I just felt uninspired to work on them in every way.

The everyday work/school grind has been so sterile lately that it got me engaging in very unproductive escapist behaviours. You know, gaming for hours on end, watching Netflix, reading manga, shopping online and so on just so I can avoid dealing with any of those responsibilities. Do you feel me?

So anyway, my overwhelmed, procrastinating, unproductive ass finally decided to do something a little more constructive!! Hence, this blog post and a series of travel photos that... probably isn't helpful since it's just going to be a visual vomit. If it somewhat inspires you creatively, then that'll be rewarding for me. :')

I took these series of photos back when I couchsurfed and travelled solo in June. You can read about my couchsurfing experience here.
Having been to Japan several times, capturing and editing photos of the same old cityscape does get kind of bland after a while. This time, I tried to focus more on the everyday elements of Japan, with emphasis placed on their minimalistic architecture because... Idk I just wanted to unleash the art bitch in me lmao.

I tampered a lot with the colours this time. And played a bit (who am I kidding I spent at least two hours) with the layout so that the photos will look somewhat more aesthetic as a photo series.

The original raw images were the most uninspiring but after tweaking the colours and hues, I'd say I'm quite satisfied with the outcome?
Because I've been so used to being hammered with layout designs over the past couple of years, I just had to do one for this photo series (and the recent Chinoiserie one) for presentability's sake. Although this is so basic... Also please pardon my occasional outbursts of sarcasm and self-depreciating remarks throughout this post cause uni does you dirty like that sometimes.

Okay I've spent way more time than I should have on this blog post. Clearly, I don't have my priorities in order hahaha but on another note I can't wait to be a piece of shit with a bachelor's degree.

Six. More. Months.

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