Roadtrippin' Perth (Part 3) - Geraldton and Kalbarri National Park

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Part 3 is going to cover two days of our trip, in which both of our nights' stay was at Geraldton.

After leaving our super huge apartment at Cervantes in the early morning, we began our route to Geraldton, where our next airbnb apartment booking awaits us.

Along the way, we made pit stops at Jurien Bay (for breakfast at the petrol kiosk, but there wasn't much) and Dongara, since the jetty was kinda picturesque. The guys also had some fish and chips at one of the family stores in Dongara.


Travel time: 1h 50min (from Cervantes, including stopover at Jurien Bay)
Total distance covered: 391km

So... Kelvin was hooked onto Pokemon Go the moment we arrived at Perth. Wherever we were, he was always on the lookout for pokemon and this picture is evidence. He claims that he unintentionally got into the picture because he was attempting to catch a Sandshrew. Hmm not sure why he had to stick his ass out though.

We also got some alcohol for the night at some liquor store in Dongara because... Well, alcohol is cheaper overseas. LOL.


Travel time: 45min (from Dongara)
Total distance covered: 456km

Upon our arrival at Geraldton, we were pretty happy when we spotted Spotlight, a huge supermarket with all the groceries we possibly need, and Mcdonald's. Since we had been cut off from civilisation with limited supplies in a secluded town for the previous night, all these were pretty welcoming. Guess we're true blue city kids after all lol.

After much complaining to the guys, I finally got to eat Asian food for dinner!! Omg!! I mean, fries/chips are nice but I can't eat them for four days in a row man... The Asian blood in me was screaming for rice or at least something of an asian flavour, if not I'd just settle for the $1.30 mugshot pasta LOL.
The guys relented and we went to have Thai food after our airbnb host recommended us the place. The Thai food didn't really taste like Thai, but I guess the flavours were adjusted to fit the locals' tastebuds. But I had my rice and curry and tom yum so I'm good.

The next morning, the temperature hit the lowest throughout our entire stay. I remember it being only two degrees at 7am. No wonder I was freezing my butt off in my room (which didn't have a heater). It was also the night I started to feel a bit sickly, probably because it was too cold.

After we packed our bags, we began our drive to Kalbarri, while making a stopover at Gregory.


Travel time: 1h 10min (from Geraldton)
Total distance covered: 553km

We didn't do much at Gregory, aside from grabbing a bite and exploring the town a little. But, we did stop at the Pink Lake!

It wasn't as Pink as we thought it would be. Apparently the different seasons affects the colour of the water but the pictures on Instagram made the lake seem so pretty... We were all a little disappointed but it was still pretty cool.


Travel time: 45min (from Gregory)
Total distance covered: 618km

The road to Kalbarri was a super rocky one.  Initially, we were kinda worried because Lummy is just a two-wheel drive, and everyone else on the same route as us had their kickass four-wheel. How was she to survive the bumpy track?? And it's kinda funny when we realised that the only other drivers who would drive a two-wheel to Kalbarri are also Asians... HAHAHA.

But anyway, Lummy braved through and we are so grateful and proud of her!!

Could do with some sponsorship from Adidas since I took their brand to... greater heights... :') Ha ha ha.
@adidasoriginals @adidaswomen #adidastravel

Am I punny enough lol don't stab me.

Due to some time constraints (we didn't want to head back too late since the highways are not lighted up and the sun starts setting at about 4pm), we didn't get to explore more of the tracks at the National Park.
But we did get to see the famed Kalbarri Nature's Window.

And had only one group shot of us that none of us were prepared for :)

With much thanks to Zhiyi, I also got my cliff shots that I've been wanting to take!! It wasn't exactly safe and yes I admit it may be pretty reckless... But it was worthwhile!!

We explored a bit more of Kalbarri before heading back to Geraldton. Initially, we wanted to stop at a Lavender farm but it seemed like it wasn't the season for lavenders... I should have known better ):

Travel time: 2h (Kalbarri back to Geraldton)
Total distance covered: 786km

Upon reaching Geraldton, we did some grocery shopping in preparation for tomorrow's breakfast. We were all getting a little tired of the pies and sausage rolls... And then it's dinner before Zhiyi and I started working a little on our trip video! The trip video should be up in two weeks so keep your eyes peeled for it hehe.

Also, I've always wanted to attempt astro photography of some sort, so we had a go at it in the backyard of our apartment. It was so cold out, we didn't bother driving elsewhere since we didn't have any winter wear on us. I thought the shots were still not too bad though!

I'll try more of these astro photog in my future travel trips :')

That pretty much wraps up day 3 and 4 of Perth/Western Australia!

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