Cause you taught me what was second best.

12:09 AM

Tomorrow's gonna be the official start to my new job as a graphic designer (I shall reveal the company once I get more comfortable) and all, and I'm so stoked and nervous at the same time. While I have done several design and marketing jobs up to date, this is actually one of the first few times I will be office-bound. Usually it's just a short interview or discussion of the project rundown at the industrial parks with the bosses before I embark on the tasked assignment but this time, I am really going to be situated there. But rather than being anxious, it's more of an excitement for this unknown terrain I've never explored.

Okay, I'm just being mindlessly rambling don't mind me haha.

And since today's the last of my break (hahah actually not really since my workdays are only thrice every week), I went out with Brandon yet again but today was quite a weird turn of events. Somehow, after having yogurt at the 6-day old Nookie, we decided to head to the National Museum of Singapore... LOL.
It's my first trip there but it was actually quite interesting?? We are not fans of museums but I guess this is cause of the stereotypical view of these attractions being boring. But anyway, let's say I learnt some new things about Singapore's history from Brandon since I didn't take history in upper sec. Weird, I know.

I was craving for Sushi for dinner so we went to Sushi Express that recently opened in Sun Plaza. And I saw Joleen who happens to be on shift today!! Haven't seen her in quite a while actually but there was quite a crowd so we didn't get to catch up much either ):

 photo A61FDD55-2039-4557-864B-24AEB36F924A_zpsvpftdlux.jpg  photo 4FFC9F06-8627-4513-8B15-BBF7E04F2997_zpslszkxpif.jpg  photo CD9BA337-09B0-41C5-A7D5-0F35E9FCE1F2_zpspimuxb2e.jpg

After texting a couple of friends these past couple of days, I guess I should really make it a point to start meeting some fellow friends that I haven't been catching up with. Now that my holidays are really here, man, I should make it count.
There's not much on my to-do list for this holidays actually. It's just mainly saving up for Japan, which has been going well so far since I've covered all accommodation and possible expenses except the air ticket. A few more hundreds and I would be so ready hehe.

So it's time to work and catch up with the people I haven't seen in forever. Likewise, please drop me a text if you would like to meet or catch up or whatever. I probably miss you too.

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