And this is the story you know through rose-tinted shades.

7:13 PM

Finally developed and collected 3 rolls of my film negatives taken over the past few vacations (Malacca with Brandon's family and Jakarta/Bali with my family) and I am so pleased with the results!!! There's something about the images produced by film that I really love - I'm not sure if it's the melancholy that comes attached to the image of each fleeting moment, or the nostalgic vibes these grainy and often too underexposed pictures give off - but it's enough to keep me hooked onto this old lomography sport forever.
It's expensive though, and I think my wallet is starting to cry. As if the rolls of negative is not costly enough (1 friggin roll giving you 36 images costs at least $10 if you're using slides like me, that produces these crazy colours after processing), the developing is another bomb. Buying 3 rolls of film means spending $30. Developing them is another $30. Do your math and you know I spent my entire week's allowance or 10 hours of my pay on this!!!! Cries and sobs but still stubbornly refuses to change.
And don't you dare say "can use app filters what", I will MURDER you. It is not the same!!!!

All the images are taken with my Superheadz's Pink Slim Dress which Zhiyi got for me on my 17th birthday and it's one of my most prized obsessions ever!! Not because Zhiyi got it but because the item itself is such a gem HAHAHA. Nah I'm kidding thank you dear bff for this lovely plastic toy camera. I could still remember how I was contemplating between this and a Blackbird but I have no regrets choosing this at all. Practical, convenient and best of all, it weighs no shit unlike a DSLR which threatens to break your neck/arm off.

 photo F1000003_zps46e5bdb0.jpg
 photo F1000014_zps1a8ccb75.jpg
 photo F1000025_zps41d094c3.jpg
 photo F1000032_zpsf9a9d817.jpg
 photo F1000034_zps66fe327e.jpg
 photo F1000036_zpsa29b0a2b.jpg
 photo F1010001_zpse04ec522.jpg
 photo F1010002_zpsb6b37637.jpg
 photo F1010008_zps97d51d7f.jpg
 photo F1010009_zpsfb5020cf.jpg
 photo F1010011_zpsa309a1b0.jpg
 photo F1010012_zps5218ae88.jpg
 photo F1000003_zps43f8edc2.jpg
 photo F1000004_zps4f37389e.jpg
 photo F1000012_zpsd984026f.jpg
 photo F1000013_zps5f4e7187.jpg
 photo F1000016_zps870b5535.jpg
"I got the summertime, summertime sadness."
DOES THIS NOT GIVE YOU THE SUMMERTIME SADNESS VIBES??? Grainy film? Check. Lens flare? Check. Summer? Check. Super cute and hot bae?? Check!!!

 photo F1000018_zps00676b04.jpg
 photo F1000022_zpsd099f07c.jpg
 photo F1000028_zps3b35d8d5.jpg
 photo F1000027_zpsea73ae58.jpg
 photo F1000031_zps1a17f723.jpg
 photo F1000014_zps8532ec68.jpg

In order of first to last, the rolls I used were: Provia 100F (blue tones), Sensia 100 (pink tones) and Tungsten T64 (idk what mixture of tones). If anyone knows where I can get cheaper film please let me know. I don't mind if they're expired!!!

Thankfully though, I don't own a one-step (contemplated this for months in 2013) or else I would really be broke spending my pay on those overpriced 600 Poloroids that they hardly even produce anymore.

That's enough of my camera geekyness for now. I still have one more roll of Ektachrome E100 from Bali that has not been developed yet so... Till then hehehe.

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