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After sticking with Blank Space by Taylor Swift for a while now, I think my next addiction is my new and current blogsong!! Oh and Maroon 5's Sugar. THAT IS THE BEST THING EVER?!?!

It's been a while since I last blogged and school hasn't been exactly really busy... But there have been tests and assignments to hand in every now and then. In fact, compared to the previous semester, this sem is so so so much more relaxing. I don't spend sleepless nights freaking out over my assignments. In fact, I don't think I spent that many nights staying up the past few months to complete my work. If anything, my fatigue stems from playing Dota till 3 in the morning and Studio Hanawa... LOL.

Anyway, on Tuesday, I had a photoshoot session with some of my course mates! To be precise, they're my group mates for the module, Feature Writing. Our final project is to come up with a magazine with content that we came up with ourselves and in this team of nine, I'm one of the reporters! Hahha I wanted to do design initially but I guess being a reporter has its perks as well because surprisingly, I actually do like my journalistic modules a lot. I thought I've lost my love for writing when sec 3/4 came around but ever since coming into Year 2 in MCM (which has journalism modules for both semesters), I fell in love with writing all over again. And of course, it certainly helps to know I'm faring better than I expected myself to.

 photo 2097408D-20D4-4DCE-AF7E-8F3546EA45CA_zpsu2xxtilp.jpg  photo 95AFA776-A00A-4A28-BA99-D2357FF1F050_zpsfittknrk.jpg  photo E226272E-A2A8-4E22-84B3-D360B4ECD196_zpspjelnukc.jpg

So yes, that's the editorial team and some of our shots from iPhone 5. :)
(If you didn't notice I was the "odd one out" because I actually wore a blue floral skirt when it was an all-black theme... LOL)

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