You were a mistake, and you never stopped coming back to haunt me.

7:52 PM

After an epic New Year's Eve celebration with the crew, I spent my New Year's being utterly sick as fuck with a gastric flu that makes my intestines cramp itself inside out, and a very miserable fever. And to make things worse, I still went to work thinking that I could battle the fever but damn how wrong I was. And today, I practically spent the entire afternoon sleeping away because my stomach cramps are too painful. How productive. What a way to start the New Year.

It's somewhat a crucial time for me right now because holidays end in another 2 more days and I was supposed to complete whatever work I have not done for school (which is everything cause I haven't touched a single piece of work while I was away from Singapore), come up with a few floral headpieces for studiohanwa's next collection (which I have been procrastinating on because school's workload is just -____-) and gym the ample fats I've gained from my vacation away.

I'm lagging behind time in every aspect of my life and the last thing I need now is to fall sick!!!! Miserably sick to the extent I can only crawl around my home for the toilet and then back to my bed for that matter. I'm pretty sure it's caused by some contaminated food I ate...
But during these two days Brandon has been taking care of me so I feel a lot better! ^^ Together with a few friends who actually wished me well and asked how I was over 2015, it reminds me that this year, I'm going to stop wasting my time on people who just aren't worth it.

 photo A77F1377-ED79-48DE-B659-43B84C81C210_zpsktham2ce.jpg  photo AF61671C-51EF-4708-9817-58E3998F005E_zpsnwbw3hij.jpg  photo 9E5AE2A4-2589-4964-ADE9-744BA5B95244_zpssmkinrjv.jpg

Enough about my crappy illness. I spent New Year's Eve with the primary school mates at Jerry's new home! We were mostly drinking and playing games, but it was quite an enjoyable time ending 2014 with these folks.
2015 certainly didn't exactly start off as a bang for me (considering how I fell ill right after), but you don't need a new year to start afresh right? In fact, the thought of me turning 19 in a couple of months is actually pretty mind-blowing. Like wtf I'm already going to be that old?!?!

 photo 03F00313-F0FD-4850-AF91-B16BF6F5D24E_zpsabp63dot.jpg  photo 10B041BE-136B-4F9B-915F-53A4AE585CB8_zpsey2atzjc.jpg  photo C8E3735F-662F-4C08-9088-BE1652E40A1C_zpsbfp0t8fx.jpg
 photo 1F1274AD-3CCB-4AE2-B501-3EE4F503749D_zpsgydgjulv.jpg  photo 5F3CB854-8F25-4E65-8706-A03506336886_zpsshbgpvj6.jpg  photo 3F98CB38-66AC-4108-89A6-C5F7B0757AE5_zpsbqcyonjd.jpg
 photo CFF44DDB-26E5-45DE-9071-753CFD86FD69_zpsgavtfz3o.jpg  photo 22B67608-4932-444D-93CA-4F20866DA789_zpsordozwcx.jpg  photo 695A0F73-A487-4397-B76E-40F6CC2FF7BE_zpsr1yjlcjf.jpg
 photo 059A12D4-B9BC-4B17-B656-6AE9B00BBC2F_zpsn1nh1oum.jpg  photo 823AA376-3FAB-4A1D-9E03-7050CC8C3A3E_zpscedwj4nm.jpg  photo 99E4D221-2212-4BCD-A753-4282FE815524_zpsutr0bcyw.jpg

These are super overdued photos from 19th December to 23rd December, when I went to TBM's flea with Trisha, Les Patisseries/Milk&Honey with Brandon and tried Dimulah's eggs benedict. During that point in time everyday was so packed with catching up with dear friends over gym or steamboat so I didn't have the time to update.
But the last photo of Brandon in Victor's onesie (omg so cute right!?!) was taken over NYE's hehe.

2014 has been an okay year I guess. I made a lot of dumb mistakes in the process of being 18, and it was certainly the year that made me grow the most. It's also the year where I had my biggest regret, one that I would keep to my grave. I guess I'm somewhat wiser now. And I've also found people I would like to keep around forever, and this is a reminder to myself to always go the extra mile for them like how they always did for me.

Well, I hope you guys had a splendid New Year's Eve celebration too!! And a kickass start to 2015. :)

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