Head underwater, maybe this is the end.

6:52 PM

Down to two more weeks of school and I cannot wait for this semester to be over!! While school has been fairly manageable, my clients work, part-time job and studio hanawa are making things tough. I'm just stretching myself beyond my means every single day and I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but I'm exhausted down to my bones.

Well, guess my mum was right when she said I'm always too ambitious for my own good. I put too much on my plate, and I'm left with no time to myself at all. Not much anyway. 

And it's also time like these that I start to feel weaker. Days like these I just wish someone would care enough to just... I even don't know what I'm expecting. 

Just gotta keep telling myself I'm left with a few more days before the end of my clients work, and 2 weeks to the end of school. And when end of march comes around I am going to Japan. Feels good to leave Singapore and everything else behind, and I'm so damn stoked!!!! Haha still 2 months away though. 

I have yet to decide on what electives I want to take in year 3 and I swear the dilemma is killing me. I wish the options I wanted were right at my fingertips, but design modules are not offered this time. I feel like a part of me just died because other than journalistic modules, I don't know what else am I to do.

Why do they have to make decisions this tough -_- 

Probably gonna be spending the next couple of days being busy as fuck. Oh well.

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