Won't you just lay down here beside me in the shallow waters?

11:53 PM

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I am so lucky to be able to catch my very first F1 Grand Prix at the age of eighteen. Thank you Kelvin for inviting me to it!! Yes I've watched several of the Grand Prix races on live streaming but I never thought that there will be a day where I'll actually be at the venue itself. The atmosphere was so damn different, seeing people from different continents holding their country flags and cheering. Well, we both went for the Saturday race and it was just the qualifying rounds though so it didn't feel all that competitive.

Let's be honest. I'm not all that updated or well informed about the different racers. But I tried that day okay!!

When it all ended, there was actually a concert by Robbie Williams and I wanted to catch it but it just had to rain ): Since I had a DSLR with me, I couldn't possibly think about braving through the downpour and so we didn't. If I stayed, that will probably be the very first concert I attended. Yeah, till now I have yet to attend any.

So that was my Saturday well spent with my bro, chasing cars and catching up. :)

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