Snapshots from Khaoyai

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The absence of my holidays certainly makes my heart grow fonder of those carefree days. So much so that I finally decided to edit the photos from my Khaoyai trip in July, after putting it off for like four months now. I should have done so sooner cause the photos are friggin' hilarious lmao. I had a good laugh while I running through all the lame role-playing we did.

So in July, I went on a short trip to Khaoyai with my homegirls. It was a surprise trip Trisha and I planned for Miaolin's 22nd birthday. She only knew that she was going overseas just literally 3 hours before our flight. Even then, she had no clue where we were taking her.

^I myself wanna know wtf were we doing hahaha.

We wanted a trip that was kinda chill, and Khaoyai was just that! It's the kind of destination where you just spend most of your time sightseeing, taking photos, eating and catching up with your companions. And taking photos again. Everything was slow paced (not the kind of place you'll wanna go if you're looking for lots of adventure or activities), which was just what we needed.

Having a mini photoshoot everywhere we went just about sums up our entire trip. That and eating amazing local food/cafes recommended to us by our Khaoyai driver.

Yellow Submarine Cafe

Primo Piazza

This a very quaint, European-style spot that's full of beautiful buildings and a farm area that allows you to feed the alpacas. It's much smaller than we expected, but still a picturesque place that we enjoyed idling around! You need to pay an entry fee to enter the piazza.

When you pay the entry fee to Primo Piazza, the counter will also hand over to you coupons where you can redeem the feed for the alpacas.

Chok Chai Farm

Here, we got to try some amazing dairy products made from their cow's milk. Here, you're supposed to kinda follow a guided tour around the farm, but everything was spoken in Thai so we were actually quite lost.

But it's fine because the farm was beautiful!! There was a cowboy show, a dog show and some games that you can play to win prizes at the farm too. All of which, we went for and participated. It was quite cool!

Then we wounded up on one of their fields just to take more photos again heh.

^Furbreeze advertisement??

Palio Village

Another quaint, European-style spot, the Palio Village was one of my favourites! Compared to Primo Piazza, there was a lot more to do here since there were many shops, cafes, and galleries around. So whether you wanna appreciate local artworks, buy souvenirs, get some ice-cream or chill around the open area listening to live music, it's all there.

It's not that big a place either, but we love all the pictures it gave us.

Hobbit's House

Lastly, the hobbit's house!! This was actually an attraction we decided to add at the very last minute, because we weren't sure if it would we worth the hour's journey and extra money which we had to pay our driver to get there.

There were many other places in Khaoyai which we could choose from (Panther's Creek, Midwinter Green etc.) but these dining places just didn't appeal to us as much after we found this local night market that serves amaaaaazing street food at very cheap prices!! The Pak Chong Night Market is all three of our favourite! The only downside is the language barrier because not a lot of tourists seem to go there.

Anyway, I digress. The Hobbit House is the perfect attraction for those who love to take photos of themselves with small houses, props and random statues. That's us.

Wannabe cinderella on a pumpkin carriage with a lost Nike Roshe??

Clearly, we have very different impressions on what it's like to be on a horse carriage.

Birthday girl wanted to be Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons and breaker of chains lolol.

Me: Which idiot sold rotten things? Now this customer want to refund the whole basket?!
Miao: Confirm is this selling fish auntie la! Her fish always not fresh one. Spoil my vegetable business also.
Trisha: Eh hello, you better watch what you say hor. Limbu fish the best around here.

Okay at this point I am done with coming up with cringey captions for our role-playing nonsense LOL. Still, when you and your friends go all out to be extra, the results are hilarious haha.

At the Hobbit house, there's also this other mini Santorini section! It's just a superrr small area, but pretty nonetheless. The staff was also really nice that morning to allow us to explore the rooms in the Santorini part. Their rooms have this all-white interior with hints of blue.

Pete's Maze

Last stop, the maze!! Honestly nothing much here, just a maze which we got lost in while coming across sometimes creepy statues. Yeap.

So yes, Khaoyai is the perfect spot for you to go to if you all you plan to do is just sightsee and take pictures!! After the three of us had gone to Khaoyai together, we all agreed that it's the kind of place you'd want to go with your girlfriends.

Well, simply because only your girlfriends will be so enthusiastic and vain to want to take all these pictures HAHA. Because that's literally everything you're gonna do there.
If our boyfriends came along, they will just end up being the typical Instagram boyfriend. And knowing all three of our boyfriends, we know they won't enjoy the trip as much if all we did was take photos LOL. You know, guys being guys.

So yes, if you want to Khaoyai, come here with your girlfriends. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

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