I never heard a silence this loud.

1:28 AM

My legs hurt like crazy.

It's been a good 4 months since I last worked, so now that I took up this new job as a sales promoter, my feet dies a terrible death after the 11 hour long shift every time.
I stopped working at Gongcha in May after Sunplaza closed for renovations, and I didn't want to be transferred to other outlets so I kinda just... stopped? But this time round, I got a job recommendation from Brandon which I took up right after my final paper on Friday (worst decision of my life though. I ran on only 2 hours of sleep that day during work cause I was cramming notes the night before).

Never liked being a sales promoter but since this job only lasts till 7th September, I took it up. And I'm promoting moon cakes in those temporary booths you see on the first level of shopping malls, by the way.

Honestly I never liked moon cakes because they just taste so... Meh. Or maybe that's because all the ones I had before were bad. I remember favouring only custard ones which are fucking expensive. But anyway after being in this business for 3 days, I have come to appreciate this fat-inducing piece. In particular, I hate the traditional flavours (e.g. pure/white lotus ones) but I love those fruit snow skinned ones heh.

Sadly the ones I love are not what my company sells... Though the auntie next door selling snow skin ones is so nice she sometimes allows me and Brandon to take some of her sample pieces. I think I'll buy something from her on the last day which is like 7th. Hehe.
The company I'm working for sells unique pieces though. Like avocado-mango, espresso, wolf berry-longan, winter melon and peach-lychee flavoured ones. Yeah. Generally for eccentric people with an acquired taste. But they're not bad honestly!

Aside from the samples I get to feed myself fat with, I guess there's quite a couple of takeaways from this job. My command of Mandarin has seriously upped a few notches after speaking Chinese for hours on end, since majority of the customers are well, aunties or people who prefer to converse in Chinese. I now know what avocado is in Chinese (don't laugh I bet some of you don't know)!! And of course, a couple of other stuff. I am now forced to speak fluently in mother tongue after avoiding it for 2 years yay me.
And of course, my knowledge of moon cakes is no longer a mere "got yolk or no yolk" basis HAHAH. Finally know what kinds of moon cakes there are out there and what they're called in both English and Mandarin etc.
There's also some really funny happenings during work too. Like once there were 3 ladies in their late-twenties who were flirting with Brandon?? Like they came back on the second day just too see him and asked him if he missed them wtf HAHAHA. Honestly I don't know whether to laugh or to cry but seriously it was so funny I couldn't stop making fun of him the entire day. And pretty much every other sales auntie around just kept calling him "shuai ge"??!
If you don't know, Brandon is your typical auntie-killer. I am actually surrounded by quite a few auntie-killers in my life (e.g. Kelvin and Zhiyi) and honestly seeing how they swoon aunties every time... I cannot lah LOL. Everywhere they go, they either 1) get aunties showering them with praises such as being good/handsome boys or 2) getting free food from the auntie.

Well I guess it isn't a bad thing if I get to reap some benefits from their "charm", and a good laugh while I'm at it. LOL. Besides I'm really bad with aunties so I'm thankful.

But honestly people need to stop taking moon cake samples as if it's a free meal. It amazes me how people could go walk 3 entire rounds of the exhibitions thinking that the store vendors wouldn't recognise them. The best I've seen is how this person even changed clothes thinking it would help with disguising. Uh no pls. But oh well what can I say? Typical Singaporeans.

Anyway it's only 7 more days of 11 hours shift to my pay check!!!
This is the first time I'm slaving 10 whole days at work and honestly the fatigue at the end of each day is no joke. Ever since work started, I have been consuming the unhealthiest junk and forsaken my workouts because I'm really far too exhausted to even stand. I better get back in shape after this job ends though -__-

I better clear my sleep debt too.

Anyway if you haven't brought any moon cakes, you ought to head down and get some before 7th September!!

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