Pasarbella Farmer's Market @ The Grand Stand

11:57 PM

Visiting Pasarbella Farmer's Market has been on my to-do list for a long while now and I was so happy I got to visit the market yesterday!!! I've been bugging my boy about it during our week of study break and he said that he'll bring me there during our holidays. And he didn't forget! So it became our agenda for the day. :)

The place didn't disappoint in the least. We expected the food items to be slightly pricer and yes they were. But there were a variety to choose from, so it's the perfect place if you're looking for a fat date.

So... Even though we have been forsaking our workout routines because of our jobs lately, we still decided to have our bellies filled with the good stuff no matter the calories. It's a pity we don't have that much tummy space to try more but I think we might just revisit the place (though it's inaccessible as hell without a car) again for some of the other goodies!

 photo IMG_2129_zpsb4be30b3.jpg
 photo IMG_2130_zps4ea92787.jpg
 photo IMG_2131_zpse524a476.jpg
 photo IMG_2134_zps88b33cce.jpg
 photo IMG_2136_zpsf51a9f0b.jpg
 photo IMG_2135_zpsa5ca835b.jpg
 photo IMG_2143_zpsbce0afd4.jpg
 photo IMG_2149_zpsc29008ae.jpg
 photo IMG_2153_zps4fd56f92.jpg
 photo IMG_2165_zps736191f9.jpg

For starters, we tried Charly T's rotisserie chicken set which comes with a side (we chose potato salad) and a drink. The meat was so tender and we loved it!!

There was also this Japanese market area which gave off the Japanese vibes (ha ha ha). We both love Japanese cuisine but gave it a skip that day cause... I guess it just wasn't a sashimi/sushi kinda day? But I was being a typical tourist anyway (like never see seafood before) as I snapped away with my DSLR while getting weird looks from store vendors.

 photo IMG_2156_zps03c55529.jpg
 photo IMG_2157_zpsa802dc2a.jpg
 photo IMG_2159_zps5957fef9.jpg
 photo IMG_2160_zps96ea1041.jpg
 photo IMG_2161_zps9d1dccb6.jpg
 photo IMG_2168_zps964ddd39.jpg
 photo IMG_2174_zps70046398.jpg
 photo IMG_2178_zps0b9c0b9a.jpg

Next was the Sea Salt Caribbean Deli's seafood fried rice. Loved the presentation and the fact that the platter is so photogenic but the taste wasn't really what either of us expected. It wasn't bad, but not to our liking I guess? ): And by the way, that was the first octopus I have ever consumed. I don't actually dare to eat any other meats/seafoods other than fish, chicken and pork (sometimes). Then just last year I started being able to stomach sotong. I'm being utterly honest here. But my first octopus and mussel wasn't that bad, but it was definitely a funny sensation on the tastebuds. I've been told I'm weird when it comes to my food choices many times.

Anyway, I was craving for some desserts after the rice so we got an ice cream sandwich!! I think it's from Providore but I can't really recall. There were cakes from other bakeries as well (pomegranate, peanut butter, thai iced tea flavours etc.) but I guess the ice cold desserts overpowers everything else.

 photo IMG_2179_zps97b29414.jpg
 photo IMG_2171_zps49786cf2.jpg
 photo IMG_2185_zps28146ce9.jpg

Honestly I didn't think that I could fit another meal but salmon lasagna from Da Palao Gastronomia caught Brandon's eye and so that was our final plate. Surprisingly, it's the first lasagna we've ever tasted in the past 18 years of our lives LOL. Yes, neither of us have ever tried this dish. For me, it's mainly because it's beef lasagna everywhere I go and I can't eat beef so, I never really had the chance to try it. But oh damn the salmon one was damn heavenly!! No pictures though, we devoured it instantly.

And of course I wasn't going to head home without some macarons. It's been a while since I had some of these sweet treats for myself (though I've definitely been eating more fast food) so I didn't give too much thought to the price listed for the box of 10 hahaha. And besides they have relatively unique flavours!! Plus it was a great treat to share with Brandon. :) He, who once hated how overly sweet they were, is now a "macaron-eating machine" because of me. I just quoted him.

 photo IMG_2193_zps67b72ed2.jpg
 photo IMG_2195_zps82803c3d.jpg
 photo IMG_2194_zps1da0f8c0.jpg
 photo IMG_2196_zps838c4c90.jpg
Check out my new nail colour for the holidays hehe.

And then there's my iPhone photography too!! (yes several repeated photos it's a habit)

 photo 8BA13436-ECD5-4871-A4A9-5D1C76FA2E18_zpsgsxd4mgc.jpg  photo F70AE086-C71F-4ADE-A88A-D3964E5F91C8_zps4xohnt2g.jpg  photo 5A25FC03-D35D-419D-BA42-1A9A737EBC76_zpsa2r699mr.jpg
 photo 02CCF538-BAD6-469F-A68E-D7FFA2542563_zps4sqbmqqx.jpg  photo 631DA5DD-F03D-4BFB-86AA-FD11F6EE13F1_zpslazjagdu.jpg  photo 5FE56825-4494-49A1-96C2-1249F3145EBC_zpsdmwwzxmm.jpg

Even though it's the holidays, with all the RED Camp preparations, the headwreath-making and my part-time job, it doesn't really feel like much of a break. I mean, yes I still have a lot of time compared to the school term but I have to return to school almost every other week, and that is just depressing. Being in this school for 1.5 years does not help you get used to the hour-long journey to school at all.

But no matter how bad the day was before, my boy always makes today better. Oh and we caught the maze runner too and it was nice muahaha. Finally another movie ticked off my list!!!

He pampers me more than he should and even on our stay-in days, when we don't do anything except laze around, watch videos or play games, his company is comfort. Since 4 days ago, it's been 19 months since we got together but it sure does feel like I've known with him for a really long time, and yet, my feelings have only been stronger since. He's more than my safe haven. The fact that he is able to finish almost every one of my sentences or read my mind most of the time is surprisingly scary to me LOL. This is probably cheesy for strangers to read but I never thought I'd find someone quite like him.

Thank you love, for always putting a smile on my face.

This reminds me to stay strong even on the hardest days.

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