I'm losing my grip.

12:57 AM

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How do I persuade myself to enjoy tomorrow when I am already convinced that nothing good is going to come out of it? I'm always told by others to give it a second chance or another try. But there's a reason why it didn't work out the first time and I am just so done with being constantly stuck in those hateful situations.

I don't see why I should try so hard for something that I don't even find the least worthy of my time. This is vexing. I don't even know why I'm still holding onto this. It's not like it has any sentimental value to begin with. I don't even try to put on a smiling facade anymore, or pretend like I give a shit because I don't. 

Am I going to keep this up, and let this situation take up more of my time? When I have so many other plans to carry out than put time aside for something that ain't even the least bit enjoyable? People say you stand to gain a lot of takeaways and memories but maybe they should mention that these takeaways are nothing but lessons on how cruel reality is. The only thing that is beneficial is probably how this is going to be reflected in my resume. 

Someone tell me a way out of this hell hole.

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