Letting go.

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Pretend couple photo ziman x zhiyi 1.

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Pretend couple photo mirabelle x kelvin 2.

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more photos up on Facebook.

The pictures pretty much sums up my last few moments of 2013, and the first few of 2014.

New Year's Eve with my girls (half of Cosine/pioneer batch of female epeeists) and zhizikemi is the best, ever. It's been five years with them all, and probably more for some.

It was Strictly Pancakes with the girls, followed by some Canelé and Starbucks. Sometime around the evening, me and Ziman went to meet our two bbfs for the rest of the night.

Releasing a sky lantern was a first for me, and I'm so glad I managed to get my hands on a couple of them the day before just by searching "sky lantern sale singapore" LOL. Man how will I ever survive without Google.
After releasing that sky lantern with all of our nonsensical and heartfelt wishes and hopes for 2014, the feels as you see all of that go into the night sky is inexplicable, and I think that it is something worth including in one's bucket list.
When it was officially midnight, everyone was just screaming Happy New Year to strangers on the street. I thought that was really heartwarming.

That was my first few moments of 2014. The hours that comes after that... Let's just end it with me getting so wasted I was laughing at anything and everything, having ziman bite my thigh and then me kissing her, demanding for a mcchicken, crazy phone calls and unexpected tears. It was a little too crazy. 

In fact, it has only been four days since the start of 2014 but I have had a couple of firsts already. I just returned from my class chalet with 1F'09/2F'10 (1st Jan to 4th Jan) which I shall blog about on another post, but the year has kicked off to a good start.
Initially, I wanted to sum up my 2013 but now that it's already the 5th of January I guess I kinda lost all the feel for it. Plus, after releasing the sky lantern, it feels as if I've let all of the pain of 2013 go too.

But anyway, if your 2013 was fantastic, I'm happy for you. If your 2013 was as shitty as mine, then I hope that you'll find something in 2014 worth fighting and living for. I think I'm looking for those answers too.

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Thank you 2013 for the good and the bad you've put me through, and for the best 31st December celebration in the past 17 years I lived.

2014, I think you'll be a relatively good year. 

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