Some things I want to remember, but sometimes I need to forget.

8:30 PM

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"In absence of love, we hold onto those who we have fleeting moments with, in some naive hope they complete those times we have yet to live."

"Everyone says that I've got my guard up. You told me to let those walls down between us, but why would I do that? It's people like you who I always let too close for you to hurt me."

These days have been crazy hectic for me, I think.

Just too many assignments to rush, too many things I want to do, too many things I have to do and my part-time job of course. If being physically busy isn't enough, my mind has been bugging me and my emotional state with the stupidest thoughts. So I practically have zero time on my hands.
Considering my workload, blogging is not of the utmost importance but I did promise myself to archive my days after all. Dayre seems to be helping me with that lol even though its layout sucks.

So anyway, the week after NP's open house was to most hectic week ever. Visualise graded assignments due dates popping up on your laptop calendar like every day. Yep that's my life for you. The start of this week was not that fantastic either cause there was a Social Psychology test to study for. I paced myself to study 3 days in advance and yet, I procrastinated up until the midnight before. Weeeeeellll my weekends were spent on CNY shopping and steamboat with the primary school gang so.

I keep telling myself it's 3 more weeks to the end of this semester and that I should persevere and stop my cutting of classes. I hope I'll be able to do that at least.

I need this semester to end. Honestly I'm not really looking forward to Year 2 either argh.

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