11:51 AM

In some point in our lives, we experience fleeting moments of happiness, devastation, fear, worry and anticipation. And these moments are very often short-lived. You'd think that you'll remember them years down the road, because it meant that much to you. But, as time passes, the memory of then fades. It loses the saturation, the emotions, the details, till eventually, you could only barely remember the skeletal of what had happened. And even then, you probably mixed up the course of events to what you imagined to have happened. You probably paint a prettier picture of that moment too. I don't think you can depend on the human mind to remember these little events.

So, I was reading a couple of posts from a couple of years ago and it brought back feelings of the days and moments that I thought I had forgotten. It was a faint tinge of emotions, nothing particularly heart wrenching, but nostalgic nonetheless.

However, there are always some people or songs that you'll never forget, no matter how much time has passed or how many people have came and went out of your life or how many new tracks you've got after you deleted the old. It still lingers at the back of your mind, and you never thought that you had access to it till something triggers the recollection of that memory. The memory might have been less vivid, it might have lesser emotional strings attached after time has eroded its rawness, but it still is there. Your efforts to forget them will probably be futile. Those are the people who had the power to love and hurt you. Even today, they still do. And as much as you think things may have changed over the years, they still have that control over your being. And they probably always will, even if just a little.

To those people, you've given them a part of you then. And that part of you, I feel, is something that'll  always stay with them, no matter how you thought you've managed to collect the pieces of you that you've given away.

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