I remember all the times we had together.

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Say hi to my singing/doodling buddy from the same CCA (fencing) back in the lower sec days.

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Half of Cosine in 1F/2F with a missing Arif.

This picture is unfocused (idk who took it but argh why you why) and my calves look way too muscular and huge but I think the photo is nice so who cares.

I have always been proud of the fact that I was part of 1F/2F, especially so when we are a tightly knit bunch despite the number of years that have passed and the different classes we've been streamed into.
We may have our own groups or cliques right from the start, but everyone kinds of just gels with... Everyone. I thought that that was something special, since it wasn't that way with my upper sec class. But it's been 5 years and even though everyone has changed in some way or another, I still feel so at home with these people. I guess some things will never change.

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Cycling at ECP April 2009 // Beach cleaning CIP 2009 with our geography teacher Mr Iliyas // Racial Harmony Day '09 with our form teacher, Mrs Chan // 1st class chalet @ Changi Aloha Seafront June'10

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At the seaside on Day 1 of our 1st chalet // Racial Harmony Day'10 with our Physics teacher, Mdm/Ms (?) Vasanti // Our 2nd chalet at Changi Loyang after a water battle // Night 1 of 2nd Chalet, on the way to Changi Village

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On the way back from Changi Village // Supporting the Chinese Orchestra members at their Flute Recital June'11 // Racial Harmony Day'11 taken outside our Sec 1 class // Last day of our 3rd chalet at Coasta Sands

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Christmas meeting at Mrs Chan place '11 // Supporting the Symphonic Band members at Appassionato IV // Group shot while walking along Esplande // Racial Harmony Day'12

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4th class chalet @HometeamNS Sembawang, our first 3D2N.

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Annual Class chalet with the lower sec class - 1F'09/2F'10 (1st Jan 2014 - 4th Jan 2014)

There are more class photos taken but I'm not gonna post them up here cause the picture quality is really bad. Just by looking at them makes my eyes hurt lol. Thank god for DSLRs since 2012.

This class chalet, I guess I found another group of drinking buddies aside from zhizikemi. Inititally, it was supposed to be a 3D2N chalet but some of us just wasn't sober enough to get out of bed from last night's crazy drinking session, so that few of us had another day extended. And had another crazy night.

With just 6 of us, we downed 6 bottles of alcohol during our stay. Looking at the 6 empty bottles, which Christian took home, we were all like "achievement unlocked!" It was a hell of a night. There were so many inside jokes and hilarious moments. I won't ever forget the past 3 nights and the good company.

So since the start of 2014 I have (for the first time) released a sky lantern, got drunk, drowned myself in alcohol for four days straight, got so wasted I couldn't even walk myself to the bathroom or remember much from the night before.
Honestly, I'm not exactly proud of the fact that I got wasted (it's damn embarrassing actually) or drank for four days in a row, cause I really feel like I needed to get a life BUT everyone else was telling me "it's just during NYE and chalet" so I was just like oh yeah screw that might as well. I think the alcohol played a part in the decision making too.

I can't wait for the next chalet with these folks xx.

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