Throwback to I Lights Marina Bay 2017

2:24 AM

I've been having these urges to head out to shoot some experimental portraiture or get back to film, but my schedule hasn't exactly been the kindest to do so. And so, to appease myself for the lack of new photos, I decided to re-edit some of the old shots from I Light Marina Bay 2017.

It's been a while since the light installations were taken down, but looking back at these images I'm kinda glad I forced myself to face the crazy night crowd back then. The lights were beautiful, and nothing sort of perfect for the night photography I was attempting to shoot with my fellow friends. I've been shooting quite a fair bit of commercial work lately, so I definitely miss doing some personal/experimental projects.

Night light photography was never my forte (it's probably one of my poorest areas), but I think I did a better editing this time round? If I can say so myself. More play on the colours and tones! I think I just gotta work on the sharpness.

 photo _MG_0593_zpspra0bfho.jpg
 photo _MG_0239_zpsohbmfwbb.jpg
 photo _MG_0590_zpsn62qrcix.jpg

Hopefully when school starts (can't believe I'm officially going back to school on Monday I'm too used to working), I'll still have sufficient time to work on these things. My timetable dictates a five day school week so... Sigh.

I'll probably update this space again soon with a shoot I done two weeks ago for a children's wear brand and Ohvola! Or idk maybe I'll get my lazy ass to start editing my Redang trip video with Han. He just flew off to Brunei a few days ago so I suppose I'll have more idle time to waste away here haha. Till then, x.

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