Senate Speciality Coffee

8:13 PM

A recent food styling shoot, featuring some of the tasteful gourmet sandwiches which I shot for Senate Coffee sometime back in early June! Yes, it did take me forever to blog about it haha.

Senate Coffee is owned by the same people behind The Populus Coffee & Food Co, so being able to get a shot to shoot for a reputable cafe like theirs was kinda nerve-wrecking, albeit rewarding of course. Aside from the food photos I typically shoot for Han, I haven't done other food gigs so this was a challenge. It was fighting to shoot all dishes within a certain timeframe, while making sure the food still looks fresh out of the oven.

Still, I'm quite pleased with the results if I can say so myself!! Big kudos to Han for always promoting me on his food ig (@hansculinaryclassics) that landed me this project. And for being my handy assistant during this shoot itself :')

 photo _MG_0014-2 edit_zpsq5zzpbpc.jpg
 photo _MG_0349-2 edit_zpsuy1jy4vy.jpg
 photo _MG_0152-2 edit_zpsjxf7hxw3.jpg
 photo _MG_0063-2 edit square_zpstygln3r5.jpg  photo _MG_0186-2 edit square_zpsbnuwpeul.jpg
 photo _MG_0315-2 edit_zpsszno5ank.jpg
 photo _MG_0164-2 edit_zpsqnsr0cbs.jpg
 photo _MG_3842-2-2_zpst0zy18uy.jpg

So we shot a couple of different dishes, and prior to the shoot, I was kinda expecting mediocre sandwiches cause... I mean how good can sandwiches be?? But well, I was wrong and taken by surprise!
Their sandwiches are amazing, my favourite being their egg mayo (they mixed in a few other herbs that really added an extra punch to its flavour). If I worked around Senate often, I'm pretty sure I would grab their sandwiches for brunch. They also have hearty grain bowls for the health conscious ones. Senate typically has their menus catered more towards the working lunch crowd.

Senate Coffee
1 Pickering St, Singapore 048659
Mon - Fri, 8AM - 5PM

Been pretty occupied with a lot of other shoots lately, but I'm trying to free up more time for myself before school officially starts (can't believe it's just two more weeks to orientation... how time flies), so I presume I'll have more time to update my daily shenanigans too!

It's been a super busy past two months. Also, it was me and Han's one year anniversary just yesterday!! Well, our army/work schedules makes it hard for us to celebrate so we had at advanced dinner at Biscetta Tuscan Steakhouse!!! Got that recommendation from a fellow superior while I was planning on what surprise to give Han. Decided on some fine place to dine since he loves and appreciates food (which I happen to enjoy too). Biscetta was SO good.

It was a night I briefly experienced the atas high life in the whole 21 years of my peasantry, mediocre lifespan! We had one of the best meals ever with their $188 Fiorentina steak, and good ol' wine. Needless to say, my wallet was liberated by the bill at the end of the night. Still, no regrets. We would love to visit Biscetta again.

Thankful for the amazing past year with you Han. :) It has been nothing short of eye opening. Here's to more travels, eating and adventures to conquer together!!

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