Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

1:25 PM

The hectic week is almost over and I'd like to think that the weeks to come are going to be more forgiving but... School always has it ways to throw me off guard. This coming weekend is going to be sooooo packed with many of my personal endeavours I hope I don't burn out before Monday's thirteen long hours of tutorials and lectures.

Anyway, Jolaine and I found some precious free time off our school and work schedules to finally visit Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters!! They've been in my to-go list ever since they took over where Liquid Kitchen used to be on Thomson road, mainly because they have this all-white interior that beckons me to visit every time the bus to school passes by it. Finally another cafe checked off the list!!

We got ourselves the Salmon Royale, Oven Baked 5 Cheese Macaroni, Truffle Fries, Lemongrass Ricotta Hotcakes and an iced Mocha! Yes, it's a lot for two people I almost died attempting to finish them. But it's okay, since I'm currently loading up on cargo for an upcoming marathon (huehuehue that's right I'm participating in a marathon this weekend but more about that on a later date).

 photo IMG_9996_zpsr4ehefrl.jpg
 photo IMG_9993_zpsnoshwful.jpg
 photo IMG_0041_zpswq8vpw6l.jpg
 photo IMG_0011_zps8jqsfqth.jpg  photo IMG_0037_zpsle1d5i9n.jpg
 photo IMG_0017_zpsiokmmol4.jpg
 photo IMG_0055_zps2pzg5kas.jpg
 photo IMG_0047_zpsoak4l6y7.jpg
 photo IMG_0062_zpsorlrlr0a.jpg
 photo IMG_0058_zpsx2fodbet.jpg  photo IMG_0064_zpsxchlnf0r.jpg
 photo IMG_0077_zpsbemlt9l1.jpg
 photo IMG_0070_zpsiunm5gju.jpg
 photo IMG_0078_zps9tbdkcwx.jpg

Their truffle fries was probably the best out of everything we've ordered, though the lemongrass hotcakes was super pretty in real life and on camera?? I thought that it might just be another one of those superficial beauties but hey the lemongrass was quite refreshing on the palate.
I only had a mouthful of Jolaine's Salmon Royale but they had fish roe mixed with their hollandaise sauce atop the poached eggs and smoked salmon, making it double thumbs up!!

 photo IMG_0022_zpskniawa7f.jpg
 photo IMG_0039_zpscb4dqq3e.jpg
 photo IMG_0053_zpsoghp7div.jpg
 photo IMG_0074_zpsifcva1zi.jpg
 photo IMG_0083_zpsc32wb5kk.jpg

We both thought that cafe ventures are always the perfect excuse to better ourselves with our photography, especially since we didn't do too well for our previous photojournalism assignment. ):
To say that I'm disappointed would be an understatement. It feels like all the photos I've been taking thus far is nothing more than a joke (not that I'm saying the photos I'm taking now are perfect) and that's pretty depressing.
I spent the whole night reflecting on the criticism given by my lecturer and decided that it's time I up my photography game. I guess his deliberate harshness was meant to wake me up and it did it's job. I'm never ever gonna be slammed that bad during presentation again!!!

This cafe trip feels like a step towards the right direction? Because I really tried damn hard to get better photos this time. And if it still isn't good... I guess I just have no talent lol. Time to pack my bags and travel around the world in search of a greater perhaps maybe.

Meanwhile, I know that this is kind of slow but I'm really hooked onto Taylor Swift's 1989 album LOL. How could there be so many sick tunes and relatable lyrics in one album?! My favourites have got to be Wildest Dream, This Love, You Are In Love, I Know Places, Wonderland and Clean.

Okay have fun judging me all you want HAHAH bye.

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