The Ohvola Party @ Boufe

12:50 PM

I've been having one of the worst breakouts this week I just really wanna stay home and hide my face. And my parents have been saying that I deserve it since I'm sleeping too late everyday lol. Blame it on the havoc nights.

On one of my work days this week, I was working on another one of Ohvola's videos, and this time it's for the previous birthday bash event the past weekend! I was doing the filming on scene that Sunday, followed by four to five hours of non-stop editing in the office on Thursday and I'd say that I'm pretty pleased with the results!! Post-production is one of the most tedious processes about filming that I don't particularly look forward to, but... I gotta do what I gotta do LOL.

And so here's the video! It's one of those that what I filmed/edited was more acceptable (though people around me say it's great and that certainly motivates me to work harder), but it's still nowhere near any blockbuster trailers or wedding films. Wait till I invest in a better camera and learn how to properly apply filters to my films huehuehue.

That's pretty much it for now. Time to meet some pals over this weekend to catch up hehe.

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