Drunk and alone, I can't see my face in your heart anymore.

7:07 PM

This week has been kind of... Havoc. Work and school aside, there's been quite the number of spontaneous late night plans and though they have been pretty fun, I should probably take care of my liver lol. I've been drinking a little too much this week.

I went to Gardens By The Bay last weekend to get some shots for a photojourn assignment, together with Jolaine, her boyfriend and Kelvin. So yeah this post is kinda a week late but there's just been too many stuff going on this week for an update.
It's the second time I've been there and I think I might have gotten better photos this time but... It's still not enough ):

 photo IMG_0243_zpssgre7gda.jpg  photo IMG_0264_zpse6dafyoe.jpg
 photo IMG_0127_zpsl0b0pfkv.jpg  photo IMG_0140_zps6zemmbqv.jpg
 photo IMG_0210_zpsfhq267gv.jpg
 photo IMG_0270_zpsitlk76mi.jpg  photo IMG_0281_zps2r0ch4kn.jpg
 photo IMG_0303_zpsznivdedb.jpg

Not sure what my plans for the coming week are, but I really can't wait for this semester to be done. I have things I want to do for the two week break... I need a breather.

I spent the last Sunday catching up with Arif over movie and dinner, my Tuesday singing k with some of the bros and Wednesday catching Paper Towns with Ziman after work. I got free preview tickets from my lady bosses huehuehue. Oh and during Hari Raya, it was meeting up with some of the primary school pals for Jerry's birthday celebration.

I wish I had made plans for today because now I'm just rotting at home with assignments... It's been a not so good day and I need to find someway to keep myself occupied lol.

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