And I knew that in the end I had to go back home.

11:56 PM

 photo B6F8DC40-F644-42CE-BE66-80B4C274367B_zpsz6y11fds.jpg  photo B549B676-3D1F-4E4F-A0D4-2A0DADCE682F_zpsvok0lqmf.jpg
 photo 9CF11890-30E4-4850-9FAA-A020A7EFBFCE_zpsvnsmvxjn.jpg  photo EB329C76-7F99-4966-BE2F-C68819FE79DF_zpsqdeibyby.jpg
 photo 97343324-A2A1-4CBB-8695-8E99EDC75DE0_zpsabvz8i9x.jpg  photo F01258B5-792C-4468-91F9-5FE1985D6F2C_zpshn5waedc.jpg

Pretty much the past few days summed up in pictures, though they aren't exactly the best representation of how I spent my time...

I've been spending most of my time catching up with acquaintances and close friends alike, and together with work, it's been quite the busy and fruitful week. Honestly, this tough time is only better because of the people that's been keeping me company and I cannot ask for more. I also just got another photo project offered (omg how even but I'm so excited??) and it's been busy at the ohvola office with event planning, photoshoots and all, so less time for mindless thoughts haha. I'm also on ohvola's blog HAHAH but naw it's just some very feel-y ootd shots without my face lolz.

On a side note, it's about 7 more weeks to the end of the semester and I really can't wait for school to be over. Internship follows right after, but there's gonna be a two week break before that and I've been having some crazy yolo plans on how to make the best of it. Hopefully, nothing will come in between this little adventure of mine.

I realised I haven't been posting much pictures. I've been heading out on a couple of food trips lately but I've forgotten to bring my camera along with me every single time. How??? Which reminds me I really need to get my Japan film rolls developed lol.

Okay it's been a pretty messy post with very jumbled up thoughts. For the coming weekend and next, there's so much happening I'm really stoked!! It's the perfect time for me to get into the loop of doing the things I really love, and to work harder on building my portfolio. Guess I'm always gonna be this work-driven person...

So many upcoming events that I can't wait to update this space with. Till then x.

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