You're my achilles heel.

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Sunday's photoshoot - Scarlet Chords
Photographer: Mirabelle
Model: Megan
Camera: Canon EOS 600D + 50mm

What do you do when you're bored at home on a Sunday afternoon?

Okay well, a photoshoot isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind but, I've been wanting to do a second one and since my sister was home and totally spontaneous that day, we've decided to head out and take a couple of photos! It was a pretty short shoot, but I'm more than satisfied with the results!

I had no time to brainstorm any ideas of theme this time, since it was wayyyy impromptu. But my sister (aged 14 this year) just got herself a guitar recently (after annoying my dad nuts for a while) so we thought why not work around with that? She wanted to show her guitar off anyway lol.

She was far more fearless than I expected - wanting to venture deeper into the unknown, wanting to climb trees or in-between fallen twigs and she wasn't that shy when it comes to poses. Okay what am I saying. She is my sister lulz obviously she's thicked skinned like this. But it was a good thing! I didn't have to keep directing her to do whatever, so she made my job far easier.

We both have plans for another photoshoot, hopefully at a new unexplored location and I'm looking forward to it! It was great phototherapy, especially since my Sunday wasn't exactly the best... I visited my grandparents after that and honestly nothing tastes better than the foods made by my grandmother.

Oh and I spent my Saturday collecting my race pack for Electric Run with Trisha! Plus window shopping, etc. It was an awesome day and I'm so excited for Saturday's run!! (You can probably tell from my Instagram)

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