D'Good Cafe

4:28 PM

Tuesday's cafe visit with B was such a find!!

I was insistent on finding a cafe that offers brunch (with eggs benedicts preferably because I really love poached eggs) and after doing a little bit of searching on the net the night before, I short listed 3 - Selfish Gene, Lola's cafe and d'Good cafe. I mean, I have a bunch of others such as Drury Lane on my list but I shortlisted the above 3 because... Idk I had to decide a few for him to pick from.

Brandon being Brandon picked the one that was the most easily accessible - d'Good cafe. It's located just a short walking distance from Holland Village MRT. But hey, I'm not complaining. I think I've contracted some of his lazy germs cause I'm starting to find travelling on public transport to inaccessible places a real pain in the ass. Either that or I'm simply getting old.

Reached our destination and I was greeted by their fabulous aroma coming from their coffee. We ordered Arizona White Blueberry tea, iced Mocha, Potato Bacon Salad and 2 sets of Eggs Benedict!

Side note: 1) I aim to try all of Arizona's tea and collect their bottles because they're so pretty!! 2) Ever since I dragged Brandon into cafe visiting with me, he fell in love most of their salads and has hence decided that to every cafe we go to in the future, we have to get one of their salads. 3) This is Brandon's first time trying Egg's Benedict (and I told him he wouldn't regret it because what's there not to love about poached eggs on ham/salmon/bacon and toast)

 photo IMG_1156_zps03a33f0d.jpg
 photo IMG_1157_zpsbad429b1.jpg
 photo IMG_1160_zps7565a047.jpg
 photo IMG_1164_zps2f887954.jpg
 photo IMG_1168_zps77b515e0.jpg
 photo IMG_1176_zpsf402b6aa.jpg
 photo IMG_1202_zpsa6c3af9d.jpg
 photo IMG_1179_zpsbc7b7d03.jpg
 photo IMG_1181_zps555ff2ae.jpg
 photo IMG_1188_zps628f7eec.jpg
 photo IMG_1190_zpsab496ba6.jpg
 photo IMG_1198_zps0eb4b423.jpg

Their mocha was really good!! We both honestly thought that we should have gotten something like latte instead to taste its full flavour minus all the chocolate. But it's worth $6.50!!

And it came as a surprise to me, but their Potato Salad was damn good too. I was expecting something like Aston's Potato Salad but this was on a whole different level hahah. Oh and aside from the Potato Salad here at d'Good cafe, the Caesar Salad at W39 is awesome too (though you pay $10 for that).

And yes, Brandon came to love Eggs Benedict weeee.

That pretty much concludes our brunch date together for the Tuesday! Oh and just yesterday, we went to Ikea for their food once again. And a little bit of furniture shopping. Afterwards, Trisha and her boyfriend joined us and we headed to Queensway to get our new kicks!!

I'll blog about that in another post, probably.

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