Not sure if tired could cut it.

12:53 PM

It's been a week since school started, but I'm already so done.

2 months worth of break, and I've been so comfortable I forgot how hard of a time school used to give me. I am not ready for the assignments which has already been issued (on week 1 wth) and I think I suffered mini heart attacks a couple of times this week when teachers call out my name from the namelist of about 100 people in lecture or in class. I don't know if I should be grateful for being this lucky.

I never wanted to start school on a negative note. I don't think everyone is necessarily having a better time than me but I just think I'm having a particularly hard time. Actually, beginnings and me never really do go well together. Somehow, I just suck at it or have the tendency to fall short as compared to others when it comes to the start. Just my fate with beginnings.

Guess all I can do right now is embrace the struggles I'm facing and make the best out of it.

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