Let me start at the end, the part I haven't figured out yet.

12:40 PM

Because it's BCR today, I finally got some time aside for blogging.

This space has been dead for a while now huh? I blame it on a hectic school life and endless mountains of assignments. In fact, right now I should be completing a couple of assignments due tomorrow ):

Well anyway, just a couple of photos over the past month ever since my last post on Electric Run. I haven't had much time or the chance to bring my DSLR out though, so just snippets of my life in the past month. I'm quite proud of my iPhone photos actually.

 photo 4AD6C573-9125-4260-A6E4-44588D672540_zpsvjazayr9.jpg  photo 26FB295F-20FE-42BA-B230-6245EEA3A2E8_zpswqqpfcgv.jpg  photo 80859202-9104-4CB9-A8FB-4C8A9E49332A_zpsjd3jytwu.jpg

berry smoothie breakfast bowl // menya musashi ramen // chocolate banana nice cream

 photo 6A5D9AA4-582A-428E-9260-EB73E56744DC_zpsjc2ic6bu.jpg  photo 858CA3B5-EDCA-4269-BB72-D10F62762625_zpskfwpsrud.jpg  photo 9B12788C-FC0E-4652-8D0F-F289CAC19B52_zpsqikbqraj.jpg
TWG macarons // strawberry banana nice cream with granola // AJC carnival with the bros

 photo C64294AA-E5DE-4073-85A4-2256F4433C2C_zpso9kmpd3a.jpg  photo 560E8333-AD07-44EF-A296-3C2FA4882541_zpsvyykbrkx.jpg  photo EB8A3543-3EBE-4FD8-906F-807D0FFB059C_zpsusgiegxf.jpg
candid shot taken while posing for a shot at AJC // chia berry pudding bowl // berry nice cream

 photo 8FD3438A-6366-4CEE-8EA1-BB1A45FEF7EA_zpstiernheb.jpg  photo 8EA484A1-029A-48BA-BE2C-88607ED6AD97_zpsgqxnegi7.jpg  photo AAB95325-9524-4589-8634-A3918A256D72_zpsbrrffgrc.jpg
Gongcha sun plaza staff farewell bbq // mango soft serve nice cream // KJP

 photo CD4FEA0D-1BBB-4A9F-9018-BCFD2B1916C4_zpskq45phbl.jpg  photo 444B6334-87A3-450B-9C84-60E48AFD805D_zpsha01uuim.jpg  photo B72A851D-D130-4F0A-887A-3229CE802FEE_zpslagizxnr.jpg
banana and strawberry smoothie swirl // chicken salad topped with honey // poached salmon + broccoli with eggs + sweet potato fries for lunch

 photo 51FA6B59-F340-4427-8565-5A5FE2183343_zpszqkzqmfq.jpg  photo 1E737886-94E0-4C07-9E00-7313A5372610_zpsnrzzws6k.jpg  photo 0E19F5B0-E5A3-4A3B-A518-D51EDB857FB9_zpszhp2rrnl.jpg
Bakerzin macarons // mango sorbet // duck face portrait

 photo BE0A804F-E611-4D9A-AF21-8D444EE47C58_zpsgrcyseug.jpg  photo EE555F63-2F41-4CF1-858A-56CF95890D7C_zpsjvfqtlkd.jpg  photo A194BB2D-B036-4C92-8594-3335ABCCA4AB_zpsk9sewrkz.jpg
Vivien's belated birthday celebration // first experience gymming at the country club // berry nice cream

 photo 9D75B1C7-77D0-4337-90FF-870B27518A39_zps88cxlhax.jpg  photo D6BCC399-07A2-446B-9B26-D533EE11D073_zpsor5oce27.jpg  photo 85F75956-8F33-468D-BA05-4489D11F81DA_zpsnmzhuu3l.jpg
first heavenly visit to cupplets with Zhiyi for a fat day // deli matcha cake with strawberry cream layer // today's breakfast

This past month, I started venturing more into my kitchen. Mainly because I was kinda sick of eating fatty takeouts all the time, I decided to start cooking something healthier for myself. And I'd say I've been quite successful with my various concoctions so far! This morning's breakfast is smoked salmon eggs benedict minus the unhealthy sauces - just whole grain spelt bread topped with smoked salmon and poached eggs. It's my first attempt at making poached eggs but it's quite good right?? HAHAHA. One failed but the other one was a success!!
And well other than cooking, it's pretty much just school, gym, study sessions and gaming. Yeah, that's about it. I really need some shopping therapy *pulls hair*
If you realised, I can't seem to give up my sweet treats no matter how hard I try. I managed to abstain from those pastries for a good 3 weeks before and that's it. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I'm always trying to come up with some sinless fruit desserts but some days I just let loose and eat the sugary junk. But in moderation of course. I think it's a psychological need HAHAHA but then I'll work twice as hard at the gym afterwards so I won't feel as guilty lol. Guess my abs won't show itself so soon );

A few more weeks to the term break, but I'm not really sure if I'm looking forward to it this time cause my holidays is gonna be crazy packed. In fact, I think I might have just enough commitments - Ambassadors, assignments to complete and fitness regime to keep up with - for me to go crazy. Rather than a holiday, it feels more like another boot camp. But hey, I'm still kinda stoked about it.

Well anyway, I hope you folks have been enjoying school. Mine is fairly okay aside from the ridiculously demanding assignments.
Hopefully I'll update this space with something more the next time. Till then x

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