You always thought I wouldn't see through your little white lies.

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So this is me, blogging from Japan. Yes, I brought my laptop along because I still had work I needed to do even while I'm away, and because it's easier to do any extra research for our trip if we need it.

It's my sixth day at Japan and I really love the culture and lifestyle here. Planning and making this dream trip a reality is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, because otherwise I don't know when will I ever be able to visit a country as beautiful as this. The months of saving, working and doing lots of homework (on Japan) has certainly paid off!!

I really want to archive my entire trip to Japan this time round because it's my very first overseas venture without any parental guidance or support. Hahah ok maybe that's kinda lame but it still holds some significance to me since I really worked hard for this. Thus far, Trisha and I have encountered quite the amount of struggles (language barriers, getting lost because their subways are soooo complicated and being unable to read Japanese menus when ordering etc.) but these struggles has taught us quite a lot about the city, people and lifestyle. After 5 days, I can safely say we are able to somewhat able to communicate with the locals the most basic of conversations. We may not be able to reply sometimes but we somewhat understand?? 
Anyway thank god for animes and Jdramas since it gave us some prior knowledge to the Japanese language LOL.

As much as I want to pen down the details for my trip, the past 5 days proved to be rather exhausting so we kind of just crashed upon returning our hotel. But I'm going to make it a point to get them down soon before my memory of the past 5 days fades! It'll be nice to look back on my archives for Japan.

So you can look forward to or dread my bombardment of posts about my trip to Japan. Cherry blossoms are so pretty and I'd say we were so lucky to have arrived Japan when some of the cities had their first blooms and have our departure when the season comes to an end. Hehe this is tons of research on the season's forecast paid off!!
Meanwhile, here are some snapshots from my iPhone, covering some of the most scenic places we've been too or breathtaking sights while we're on foot. And of course, some food photos!!

 photo D481C039-B56B-4A08-8AA8-7F72B8B98284_zpsajjhx6d9.jpg  photo DB48A5A2-E2E9-4919-BA7E-42BE9314B098_zpsfslivcdz.jpg
 photo 7F207D1E-F5D0-4B96-A9E2-C6261FAB23D9_zpsqmzfkyvo.jpg  photo D2D2F91D-D399-47E7-9E4E-641CBA2D1B79_zpsfnj8m6qz.jpg
 photo 18126CF6-B963-4ACC-9730-9D50860D5F26_zpsmtrju6oa.jpg  photo FD513C4A-B554-4E93-A0CD-33655A0BE353_zps4vlwagul.jpg
 photo 2A6AF4C6-32B2-4D06-AF5E-DA6E6DEF163F_zpsoptytjlt.jpg  photo AE03D2C4-6125-4C60-89D8-878C11C92580_zpssylssngb.jpg
 photo A5C6BF72-B720-45FA-AD99-2925886FDA0A_zpsh3cw2ypx.jpg  photo 561394A8-DBBF-43F1-885A-711788A44F6B_zpsk2utbwfa.jpg
 photo B3E9EF12-4FED-4AFD-AE70-DB43E0F949EB_zpsbudbapcj.jpg  photo D4DA244B-5CAE-4404-BEFD-E6A8AF8AA258_zps6hcvcff5.jpg
 photo 6E5C89A5-037F-470C-853D-FD09F9E66F49_zpsipcdc4ys.jpg  photo AA9CBFCC-9FD8-466E-89E0-F0AAC69981CD_zpsfndcvkws.jpg
 photo 5C939440-8331-4FB7-A48B-C17D51106C3B_zpshmk1xrbe.jpg  photo 0A69225A-6BCF-4D83-AA90-C141D59347D6_zpsudnfrlik.jpg
 photo 34D6419B-69A4-4798-98F0-6E50E19B4CDF_zpsgsajkion.jpg  photo 27743760-FE1E-4CE7-9017-F1A2E2BB322D_zpshgpsf1nr.jpg
 photo 613567A1-7298-4138-B41C-FC4C337861DD_zpsx2ib1hbk.jpg  photo 57A9A915-8661-41E9-B7AC-AAB3C8800FDD_zpsuywvdblg.jpg
 photo 31C98EE8-8719-4030-B3EF-5C2E1300DC93_zpsutom7vaa.jpg  photo 0E16A244-EAE2-42A6-906B-0BADFE8FD4D9_zps7yfs6ekm.jpg
 photo 6BE02295-0D36-40C1-A866-7D4506997697_zpsyer3hu4j.jpg  photo D1D3DD26-960A-4958-AD7C-5442576EE872_zpsxdowbt81.jpg
 photo 62C82E28-A7AE-4100-9AA0-2FC1B3968DBE_zpsivonnuuo.jpg  photo FD19321C-94BC-4E4F-AF4B-781735161C2C_zps2rfti60p.jpg
 photo AEB8CCBD-0C6C-48A9-9138-3C45A51735AB_zps7kkdpqik.jpg  photo E18B3B3C-0746-41F8-ACB8-CA3E098C5F5D_zpsftwlwiym.jpg
 photo 9B556168-10FC-4964-94C1-E4D70A9C8B34_zpsglsfoo6q.jpg  photo C4E3047A-AE8C-4234-A432-0BA2EB0E55F6_zps4yfjqdai.jpg
 photo F22B53F0-3534-4829-984A-0790B96ABD88_zpsxe0qdkq7.jpg  photo 564710C1-8423-449E-B7A4-FD99B6DDE93E_zpscuhiy6wr.jpg
 photo FC97B3A1-41FA-4055-B099-14AECD68FE6D_zps4ldbhztu.jpg  photo 3FEFCB89-7390-4909-B5B1-F38F644BD9F1_zpssxdqlxzu.jpg
 photo 1933E8E4-8910-4906-8F56-5FBCB1B9E293_zpsk8rzmdyp.jpg  photo 255C7305-33A4-4DF1-B265-AA43CCAE7934_zpszmwyszag.jpg
 photo 2A8693A8-4E80-4BD9-9291-A00E19206A43_zpstlxsmvds.jpg  photo 1F33049B-B863-4554-8E05-9CD02C2B3779_zps18qxrzun.jpg
 photo 73AFBC34-B772-49CB-89D5-4D3C8BB69D4D_zpsaue3qu1l.jpg
 photo 828CBDDA-7754-4CD7-A6C2-35DEE7C0333B_zpse12muhfi.jpg
 photo BF046521-3285-431C-A00A-9A820C8D597D_zps3criivjo.jpg

I'll cover more on the places we've been to and the stuff we ate pretty soon. Accompanied with pictures taken on my camera of course. Though my iPhone5 already captured the sceneries pretty beautifully, the camera is just a whole different mood altogether. Can't wait to get down to the editing and posting!!

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