Tart Blanc

12:26 AM

I actually visited Tart Blanc last week together with Brandon, but only got around to blog about it now because my weekdays have been rather busy. Aside from the three day work week, I have been occupied with the weirdest errands of sorts but let's not go there.

Tart Blanc has been in my to-go list for about a year because their miniature tarts looks so pretty!!! And being the sweet tooth that I am, I definitely have to try their tarts after hearing the raves about this little delightful thing. And sure enough, they aren't just artificial beauties.

 photo IMG_0922_zpsuimevhfh.jpg

 photo IMG_0933_zpsy4tpjjbp.jpg  photo IMG_0925_zpshqtghndy.jpg
 photo IMG_0937_zpsojm9elcb.jpg  photo IMG_0943_zpsbutlkrnm.jpg

I ordered 4 tarts at one go since there was an offer, which probably wasn't the smartest idea LOL. We ate our bellies full and I guess this is only why I'm getting fatter by the day. But with so many flavours to choose from I simply can't decide... 

We eventually got the Raspberry Praline, Matcha Milkshake, Tiramisu and Earl Grey Chocolate - in order of what appealed the most to the least, in my opinion. The Earl Grey Chocolate was so disappointing ):

But anyway, their tarts kind of reminded me a little of kki sweets. So many differing layers of components that subtly compliments each other without overpowering the other. Just look at the matcha milkshake one!! Biting into the matcha compote with a thin layer of jam and crunchy nuts was certainly a pleasant surprise.
Like kki sweets, I will try and make it a point to visit them again. Just that next time, I'll come during tea time because it's so much more worth it...

Aside from Gardens by the Bay and Tart Blanc, the highlights for my past week would be: catching up with Arif over brunch before he officially enlists, meeting the girls I've known for a decade for a casual day out at Jurong and spending a day at Vivo/Sentosa with Brandon and his poly friends! Oh and having random dinner dates.

 photo CCA25320-D381-4A9D-8F3F-EB708AE84B9A_zps8mhgdgsi.jpg  photo 17A80B59-E316-4094-B7E8-8CA95F7CAF00_zpsv4ahfhi4.jpg  photo 2FA2F7B6-7005-4AC8-8B24-61D4E34ECCEC_zpslbsk8zby.jpg
 photo 1E059C54-6464-49CE-B009-1E26A1CDCC70_zpsbnzqln6m.jpg  photo 3B69EC00-6E74-41A7-B2FF-DF8B3EFBF0F0_zpsnuvzobfp.jpg  photo 0D25B56B-7C26-468B-9721-076028E3A252_zps1meooomf.jpg
 photo 2F77F0AC-67B7-437A-BBE0-C11D8CD1C94D_zpsuxrzmfbt.jpg  photo 8C904ADC-DBB9-4B2C-9BCE-4BD285784F63_zpswi6vmwuk.jpg  photo 8626AAA5-B2C2-4038-AE91-C3E6ED51D2DE_zpsum2rybea.jpg
 photo 6F8DB4AC-7AAE-47E6-B1F3-306B70E767AE_zpsodq22qme.jpg  photo 678D85AF-BD83-4604-BA90-7BC204CED0A3_zps24xc0zby.jpg  photo B40A61E8-F68E-499F-9047-905BB948940D_zpszuryqvd6.jpg

Otherwise, it's my work days haha. I've been working with Ohvola as their graphic designer for a couple of weeks now (yay now you know hahah), and the working experience designing banners, assisting in styling and doing photoshoots have been quite refreshing. Definitely nothing like what I have done in school or with clients before, and I'm really grateful to be given the chance to venture into part of Singapore's fashion industry with really nice and professional lady bosses.

Plus, I'm always doing the things that I enjoy (e.g. photoshop and taking photos all day everyday) so it doesn't feel like a job at all! I did my first photoshoot today with the super pretty model, Shijia, and though I was somewhat all nerves it was all good and I can't wait to get the pictures edited!! More about that next time, if I get the chance to post up those photos hehe.
Meanwhile, you can stalk them at ohvola.com or @ohvola on Instagram!

That's about it for now. It's been a pretty fulfilling and costly week. Last week of scrimping before I officially fly to Japan!!!!

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